Level -183
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Class 3

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A photograph of a less cluttered room on Level -183.

Level -183 is the -184th Level of The Backrooms. It is a major complex skyscraper, filled to the brim with many unique contraptions. It is generally regarded as one of the safest Negative Levels.


Level -183 is a highly complicated skyscraper, composing of many separate rooms formatted in an unknown pattern. Level -183 is known for being very complicated to navigate, only fully known by certain members of Backrooms Robotics. Level -183 has many separate sections, none of which have been fully navigated as of now. For now, attempts are being focused on developing a secure connection to this Level, in order to utilize the many separate contraptions found around this Level.

Level -183 appears as an infinite skyscraper, which is invisible from the outside. Looking through any of the windows on the outer layers will only show infinite space, with no visible top or bottom to the skyscraper itself. The skyscraper appears to be constructed out of an unknown metal similar in composition to steel. Throughout the Level, the flooring changes from panels to carpet, with the occasional wood flooring. Level -183 will always have three main components found throughout all rooms. These are:

  • A high amount of exposed wires, to the point of infestation.
  • An unusual amount of spare electronics throughout the room, typically motherboards and cartridges.
  • At least one unfinished piece of tech, which has its purpose narrowly outlined.

As Level -183 displays these properties at all times, it is safe to take any supplies from around the room. There have been other features noted throughout rooms, which consist of:

  • An occasional developed prototype of a machinery, which has unique properties.
  • A fully sapient jumble of wires which will attempt to attack you.
  • Very rarely, an intelligent crusher like Entity which attacks you regardless of position.

Level -183 is currently held by Backrooms Robotics, who seem to have a basic understanding of navigation throughout Level -183. There entire line of work seems heavily reliant on Level -183, largely due to its abundance of easy to access supplies for developing technology. Backrooms Robotics has been noted to have multiple key locations, such as the CEO's office, which is currently the only room throughout Level -183 which is devoid of any excess wiring.

Certain key objects have been found on Level -183, and have been documented. Occasionally, Backrooms Robotics allows certain items to be taken from their development for M.E.G. use, and they have been noted to mass produce some items, such as Lamps. Due to the unpredictability of anyone on Level -183, these items should only be taken should they be given in a public manner, typically with the CEO observing. This Level has very few Entities, yet should still be regarded as dangerous.

Colonies and Outposts

Backrooms Robotics

The entire Backrooms Robotics group can be found throughout this Level, as they consider this Level to be their main base. They are friendly, and willing to trade, however, their secrets must be regarded with respect, as they have been known to get violent whenever their machines are disrupted. They pose no threat to you provided you are respectful, and can be regarded as helpful to others.

M.E.G. Outpost LVL-183

A standard M.E.G. Outpost made for the purpose of gathering supplies from Level -183. They are helpful to stray wanderers who happen to find themselves on this Level, and show no harm to anyone.

Entrances and Exits


Level -183 is unique in that it can be accessed from a standard Level without the hassle that most Negative Levels have when entering. The current best entryway to Level -138 is through The Monorail. You achieve this by jumping off The Monorail mid-transport, which will cause you to no-clip onto Level -183. Alternatively, through Level 178, a specific floor paneling can be found, which lines up with Level -183's paneling. Should you follow this paneling, you will emerge on Level -183. This entryway has only been revealed recently.


At random, a door can be found on Level -183 with a sign proclaiming an exit. Should you exit through this medium, you shall emerge on a random Quantum Stable Level, most commonly on Level 3. Alternatively, entering to deep into any wiring on this Level can result in you falling through, re-emerging on Level 2.

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