Level -12
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A window of the mansion in Level -12.

Level -12 is the 13th Negative Levels of The Backrooms. To access it you need to break one of the lights, and there is a small chance that a hole will appear, leading to this mysterious level. This floor has only been accessed and explored by an anonymous user and an unnamed person so information is limited.


Level -12 appears to be an abandoned mansion that was built in the 1800's, with a forest outside that seems to span forever. It is always snowing and yet the snow never piles up to any more than 3 feet. Windows are commonplace and are all like the one seen in the photograph. All of the doors leading to the outside are locked, and "the rooms seem to continue on forever, with more and more doors, windows and rooms appearing everywhere you go." No matter how many stairs you climb or descend, you will always be on the second story of the mansion, the mansion is filled with many different rooms and passageways that seem to be for servants. It is not suggested to enter this level if you have claustrophobia. Very rarely you may enter a library filled to the brim with books, the library room will never be any bigger than 50 feet by 40 feet and is always 30 feet tall. The spines of the books on the shelves are designed in a way that when the books are placed in the correct order, they will create a picture. A common theme with book spine designs are landscapes with the occasional geometric pattern. The walls are all old blue wallpaper walls that are peeling with the occasional white wallpaper. The floor, in the rooms that still have a floor, luxurious pine hardwood remains over the wood chip baseboards, even throughout the servant passageways. Even though the hardwood is torn up or greatly chipped and damaged in some places and rooms, no spare or removed planks of hardwood have been found. The hardwood also seems a great deal harder to tear up than any other hardwood, having been both glued and stapled into the wood chip baseboards. Spiderwebs are very common, in corners of the floor, ceiling and doorways, although no actual spider species seems to exist here. The only entities confirmed to be here as of now are the passive form of Facelings, which are unique as they are dressed as maids and servants and are cleaning and dusting and sometimes bring explorers food and drinks which they call "Snackies". They will tour you around and are actually very helpful if you are polite. The anonymous user also said that he hears barking, which is a sign of another entity that is exclusive to this level.


The hallways of Level -12 are plentiful, rather un-intriguing, and unique. The hallways always have a blue or white wallpaper, although longer hallways with more doors usually have the white wallpaper. The floors can be the wood chip baseboards or the thick planking of the luxurious hardwood. What makes each hallway unique is that the height, width, curvature, rotation, and slope is always different. Sometimes hallways can force thoughts upon you. The most notable of these the anonymous user describes in their journal.

One of the halls has been nicknamed "The Matterhorn". This hall has been Described as being rough with no hardwood planking, this hallway is roughly 1,270~mm tall, 1,230~mm wide, it's "always turning in on itself" with many hairpin turns, and with a changing uphill slope varying from 18% gradient to 56%. Our explorer describes their attempt at climbing the 56% gradient as "Imagine this, you're stuck in a waterslide that's a square tube that rotates at random angles and has strange nonsensical twists and turns and you're trying to climb to the top while the people at the top throw tear gas that makes you think about just letting go and seeing where you'll end up." Eventually, the explorer reached the top and went on his way.

After the anonymous user discovered this Level, the user contacted The M.E.G. to create an expedition through this Level, which is the reason for most of the information in this Entry. The an anonymous user, and Team "Compass Point" are the people that have found the information on this Entry.

Entrances And Exits:


To Enter, break one of the lights in Level 0 or Level 1, you will have a slight chance of ending up in Level -12.


To Exit, there is a likely chance that going through certain doors will end you up at Level 87. You can also find a rare type of bedroom with a closet which leads to Level 4.

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