Level -1
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Class 2

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The long hall of Level -1.

Level -1 is an enigmatic Level below Level 0.


Level -1 is an infinite hallway that has doors on either side. The Hall is made of white painted walls, and black painted doors. Each door leads to either Level -2, Level 0, The Whiteout or Level 2.

When inside this Level, you will no longer hear the hum-buzz of Level 0. Instead, you may hear slight piano noises in the distance, but the source of the noise is unknown. The deeper you walk through this hall, the slightly louder it gets, but you still never seem to get closer. Your vision seems to get more static-like effects while walking too far down the hall. During this time, you can hear some old advertisements from around the 1930's era through the static noise. Soon, your vision becomes black and white with the static effect. While this event plays out, you can see people in old Business suits, although their human features are completely invisible to the human eye, the only thing visible is their attire. You may also hear the chatter of many beings mixed with the sounds previously mentioned. Almond Water puddles can also be found on the floor during this event, dripping from the ceiling.

The Wanderers that made it this far have always turned back at this point, and when they do, they end up talking about an unknown Entity that they simply call 'Nutrisha'. Further expeditions will be started to explore Level -1. This Level will for now have the designated difficulty level of 'Difficulty Level 2' until further notice and exploration.

The Basis of Level -1 is basically that it is one of the smallest Levels in all of The Backrooms (relatively), as it seems to consist of only an endless hallway. You cannot access Level 1 from here. It is recommended that you try to exit to Level 0, though, if you are feeling particularly adventurous and have a ready supply of Almond Water, it is safe to exit to Level 2 and The Whiteout. It is strongly advised to never go to Level -2. From this level, it is very easy to slip into Level -2, which is extremely dangerous.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities:

There are no known bases, outposts, or communities on this level.

Entrances And Exits:


To Enter, break a wall in Level 0, or No-Clip through any Dark Wall, to Hopefully Enter Level -1. Generally, No-Clipping anywhere in The Backrooms is a great way to escape a Level with an unknown exit.


To Exit, enter one of the many doors to enter Level -2, Level 0, The Whiteout and Level 2. It is recommended to enter the Level you desire once the door is found, as walking through these levels Halls has unknown consequences. More Level entrances are rumored to be beyond this point, but that is unknown.

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