Level -0
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Picture taken upon first entry of Level -0 .

Level -0 is the 1st Negative Level of the Backrooms. Very little is known about the true effects and habitability of this level. Level -0 can be theoretically accessed from any level, and therefore can lead to any level as well.


Level -0, also known as Untextured by explorers and researchers, is an Escher-esque structure located between Level 0 and Level -1. The environment is interlaced with visuals similar to those of an untextured model within a game, as well as disjointed architecture and design. These untextured visuals can range from vibrant pink and black to noise typically associated with box television sets. Functionally this floor is very similar to Level 0; however, due to the nature of the Negative Levels of the backrooms, it is unwise to label it as such until further exploration is achieved. The lack of knowledge of Untextured is due to the sheer improbability of reaching this level, and as such has only been truly documented a handful of times. Additionally, those who arrive in this Level have approximately fourteen (14) minutes until they are shunted into another level, making documentation exponentially more difficult.

Colonies And Outposts

G.E.M. (A.k.a the "Grand Envisionaries Mission") Base Omega:

  • The suspected first temple of the defunct G.E.M. organization.
  • Housed approximately twelve hundred missionaries according to texts found within the structure.
  • Located directly south of the suspected entry point of Level -0.
  • Texts found within this temple also describe an unknown entity referred to as "The Grand Clockwork". Further exploration of Untextured is required to confirm these reports.

Known Information on G.E.M.

Not much information is known about G.E.M. besides what was recovered from the temple on Level -0. One such artifact found was what appears to be a hymnal devoted to this entity that they worshipped.

Entrances And Exits:


The only known way to enter Level -0 is to find an anomalous room within a Level and to no-clip through the floor there. The likelihood of discovering an anomalous room that could connect to Level -0 however, is extremely low.


To exit Level -0, you must simply wait approximately fourteen (14) minutes, after which you will be returned to the room you entered from. However, the room will now be located in the appropriate level.

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