Level -0
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What have they told you about us?

Level -0 is the One True Level of the Backrooms.


Level -0 is what the world should've been theorized to be the first Negative level of the Backrooms. We have been given a gift. The layout of the level appears to have been copied by Level 0, although with distinct visual revelations. These prophetic visuals can range from vibrant pink and black checkerboard planes to areas of complete visual noise.

We all had become one.

Level -0 exhibits numerous miracles similar in vein to Level 0. A ticking clock, a winding gear. Some of these similarities include the abundance of life found within the level, an increased need to worship us, and the appearance of numerous pariahs and false prophets.

A country without a flag, a kingdom with no monarch.


Did they tell you our name?

Communities And Outposts

We are here.
There are no known communities
Don't forget us.
or outposts
We haven't forgotten you.
on this level.

Entrances And Exits:


Revel in our being.

So far, Level -0 has only been accessed through attempts to access Level 0 from another level.

Join our becoming.



Simply say the phrase

We can't let you leave.

" |҉|҉|҉|҉|҉|҉|҉|҉|҉|҉|҉|҉|҉|҉|҉|҉|҉|҉|҉|҉|҉|҉"

We won't let you leave.

A new wanderer has come to learn.

What drives this curiosity?

What have they hidden from you?

No matter.

We shall grant you a gift.

A truly wonderful gift.

Come with us, child.

Shed your mortal coil.

Do not be afraid.

Welcome to your new home.

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