Object 2 - "Level Keys"
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The Level Key to Level 4.

As of now, very little is known about these keys


Backroom keys can unlocked some locked doors in certain levels. Though if you enter any other level with the key it vanishes and put back in its old place. They resemble a key from the 20th century. They can be found on entities. in furniture, on walls, or on the ground. There is a special key on each level that can unlock certain doors (see below).


Each level has a key specifically to them. They sort of resemble the level themselves. As soon as you pick it up you cannot enter any other level or you will lose it. Though you can go to "The Hub" and unlock that level door. When you pick up the key a door appears in the room that leads to "The Hub". They blend in with the concrete walls though if you look closely you will find it. It is not recommended to find these keys since the backrooms are infinite. These keys are in a specific order and will reappear there if there lost. So far, only four have been discovered. the first of which was in "Level 4" after a member of The M.E.G. used the exit doors. it was on the ground next to him. After a while, the door that lead to "Level 4" was closed, as it seems like after a long period of time, the door will close, and a new Level Key will appear in it's Level. More research is being conducted.

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