Level HELP
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NOTICE: The following document is solely based off a single source of information, that being a corrupted file discovered in the backup drive of The M.E.G. database. It was successfully restored, and whatever viable information that could have been gleamed from it is presented herein. Additionally, for the purpose of posterity, the unabridged contents of the discovered file are attached at the bottom. The identity of the file's original author has been determined authentic, as has his disappearance. Therefore, there is strong reason to consider this account to be genuine.


Class unknown

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Level "HELP" (so-named based on the filename of this document's source) is an unconfirmed but highly-probable location which may be partially separate from the rest of The Backrooms. It may function as a type of prison for beings banished there by a certain entity.


Based on the source file's description, the location is an expansive pocket dimension. Most of it is a relatively-empty void populated by sporadic energy storms, absent of any content except for its "centerpiece." At an undetermined point in the realm resides a clockwise-turning structure in which beings are held prisoner. It is a collection of cubical holding cells loosely organized in the shape of a downward-pointing cone, with each semi-circular row of cells consisting of a gradually smaller amount as it approaches the tip. A glowing pulsing orb of unknown properties resides in the center of the structure's end point. The cells themselves consist of stone walls with wrought iron bars, and the dimensions of each individual cell are perfectly tailored to the maximum reach distance of its occupant.

Entrances And Exits


The source file indicates that this realm can only be accessed if one is banished by a certain entity. The entity must be provoked to a certain degree, prompting him to retaliate by opening a dimensional rift with a key and sending the instigator through it.


No exit could be determined from the data.

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