Level A-1
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One of the earliest known photos of the sand of Level А-1.

Level А-1 is the A-1st Level of the Backrooms. It was discovered after some experimentation with a rebuilt Level Key in Level 147.


Level А-1 resembles a large dune with a diameter of 56 km (35 mi), which consists of abnormally cold sand. The temperature of this sand is -10°C (14°F), which is anomalous since the air temperature of this level is 18°C (64°F). Unlike normal sand, the sand of Level A-1 is blue and edible. Before consuming the sand, you need to warm it up to a temperature above 0°C (32°F). Many visitors of this level have noted that the taste of the sand is comparable to that of ripe apples. Thirstiness isn't a problem on this level, as the sand quenches your thirst just like Almond Water. Here you will find nothing but the edible sand and its hardened version that makes up the entirety of Level A-1. Hardened sand is a good building material. It is not edible, but the taste of hardened sand is compared to the taste of overripe apples. Hardened sand deposits can be found near "The Store" of this level and in random locations on Level A-1. There is no day-night cycle, instead, the level is in the constant state of twilight. Sometimes, Wanderers find bushes, the majority of which are dead. If you go beyond the border of the level, then you will begin to descend from the dune. After a while, you will find yourself in The Blue Channel.

Energy value of 100 grams of the sand from Level А-1:

energy, kcal proteins, g fat, g carbohydrates, g
223 3.1 1 49

In the center of the level, there is a building named "The Store". It resembles an average 20th century store. It consists of numerous retail shelves, several cash desks, a director's office, two functional restrooms, an attached garage, and a payment terminal which sadly does not work. Boxes with fresh food, bottles of Almond Water, clothes, batteries and office supplies rarely appear on the shelves of the store. By opening the garage door, you can no-clip to the suburbs of Level 147. Gasoline fuel tanks with a volume of 2/3/5 liters appear next to the garage. The Huckster will be sitting at one of the ticket offices. There is only one outlet near him.


Level A-1 houses three native entity types:

  • Corpse-Eaters
  • False Plants
  • The Huckster


Corpse-Eaters are naked humanoid entities that feed on False Plants and the corpses of their own kind. These creatures move on their four limbs, usually in groups of three to seven individuals. They are aggressive towards Wanderers and will often attack them if they are alone. Therefore, it is highly recommended visiting the level with a squad consisting of several people. However, this does not mean that you will be safe. If you decide to rest and stop, then Corpse-Eaters will start screaming and attack. Corpse-Eaters will follow you until you manage to get to "The Store." These entities have been observed to hunt on False Plants, eat sand and corpses, sleep, and survey their surroundings.

False Plants:

False Plants are dead bushes with two small limbs. They have roots through which they absorb sand. If a Wanderer or a Corpse-Eater approaches the entity, it will break away from its roots and begin to run away from potential danger at extremely high speeds of 167 km/h (104 mph). The roots of the False Plant can easily regenerate in a few hours.

The Huckster:

The Huckster is a singular humanoid entity living in "The Store." He wears skinny blue jeans, a white shirt, and a gray cap. The entity is friendly to all visitors of his store. In case of any danger, a MP-154 shotgun materializes in the hands of The Huckster. He allows you to take any things from the shelves of "The Store." The Huckster loves to exchange useful items with people. Do not try to exchange the items from the store with him, as he will refuse to do any kind of deal with you. After the Wanderer gives The Huckster the item, he will then carefully examine it. Then, he may do the following:

  • Refuse the deal and give you back the item.
  • Accept the deal and take your item by exchanging it for another item.
  • Throw the item in the Wanderer's direction, materialize a shotgun in his hands and point it at the Wanderer, while asking them to leave the store.

The offers1 of The Huckster include:

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

CBS (The Coalition of the Backrooms Survivors) Base "Brimstone"

  • It is the second base of the CBS, which is located on the territory of "The Store." Building materials from other levels were used to construct several large buildings, the warehouse, and the wall surrounding the base.
  • The Warehouse, which has a surface area of 670m2 (7200 ft2), is the main storage of the CBS. It contains a singular KamAZ-43269, which ready to defend the base.
  • "The Sand Wall" is the main line of defense of Base "Brimstone". The length of the wall is about 3 kilometers (1.8 miles).
  • Thanks to The Huckster, as well as the endless source of food and items, Base "Brimstone" is the second most populated base of the CBS. The population of the base is approximately 396 people.

Entrances And Exits:


The main entrance to Level A-1 is through a small building with a garage in the suburbs of Level 147. This entrance was opened with a rebuilt Level Key. If you keep walking for about a minute through Level 80's desert, you may fall to Level A-1, though the chances of this happening are low. You will need to keep walking for about a minute, after that you will fall to Level A-1. If you jump into the fog of Level A-1.3, you will land in Level A-1.


After passing the border of the level, you can end up in The Blue Channel. If you enter an abandoned bus near "The Store", you can end up in Level 147.

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