Level 998.2
Asset 9982
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To: Major Took
From: Fibble (Task Force 202-CX)
Date: 06-12-2022
Subject: Issues Sodding the Zenith

Remodeling on Level 998 is going smoothly, and we're almost done! But we ran into a serious issue today, which is that the rest of the level completely disappeared except for the part that we were remodeling. We checked the Database to see if there was anything about Level 998 disappearing, and it doesn't say anything about that, but the whole description is different from how we remember. What should we do?

Task Force 202-CX

To: Fibble (Task Force 202-CX)
From: Major Took
Date: 06-12-2022
Subject: Re: Issues Sodding the Zenith

There have been no known changes to Level 998, so it could be possible that your Reality Fresheners are malfunctioning. Furthermore, there is no record of any remodeling assignment in Level 998. Please return to headquarters for further questioning.

Major Took

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The entrance to one of the buildings in the level.

Value: High

Priority: Medium

Description: Asset 9982 is a small level controlled by the B.N.T.G. The level consists of a large, irregularly shaped flat plane, approximately 8km (5mi) across and 5km (3mi) wide. The entirety of the ground is covered in a layer of artificial grass, under which is painted concrete. The level is always dark, and the sky takes the appearance of dark-gray clouds, though careful examination has revealed that it's simply a flat surface with the texture of clouds on it. At the edges of the level are masses of thick, black fog. It is not known what is behind this fog, and anyone who has entered the fog immediately ceased contact and did not return to the main part of the level. Due to this, exploring the foggy portion of the level is not advised.

At the center of the level, there is a series of white concrete buildings, the floors of which are also artificial grass. These buildings each contain a maze of white rooms that house a variety of furniture and decorations, such as dressers, tables, kitchen appliances, and plastic plants, placed into the rooms seemingly at random. Notably, these buildings all seem to have fully functioning electricity and plumbing, though the source of this is unknown.

It has been suggested that much of the level may have been altered by the Backrooms Remodeling Co., as there are a number of Reality Fresheners scattered throughout the area, which give the entire place a fruity aroma. It is not advised that these Reality Fresheners be tampered with, as doing so has caused portions of the level to be overtaken by the fog, suggesting that the Reality Fresheners are preventing the fog from overtaking the level in some way.


The inside of one of the level's buildings.

The most notable natural feature of the level is that it manifests entities in large amounts, which emerge from the fog. Almost any known entity may manifest this way, including entities that should not logically appear on the level, such as entities that are unique to certain environments and entities that exist as a single being. Because of the latter category, it has been suggested that the entities manifested onto the level are clones of existing entities. Notably, entities created by this level show a remarkable level of aggression towards all human life, even when the entity would be otherwise peaceful. Intelligent entities retain their reasoning skills but fly into a blind rage whenever they come into contact with a human. Members who have been a part of the B.N.T.G. for several years do not seem to count under the entity's definition of "human life" and are therefore ideal candidates for working on the level.

Asset 9982 was initially discovered after a plain-white, wooden door that led to the level was found in Level 1. This door remains the only known entrance and exit to the level. The asset remained inert in our possession for several months until we determined a profitable use for it. Initial plans included using the level to farm the products of various entities, both rare and common. However, focus group research in Level 11 determined that using the level for arena combat between humans and entities would be much more profitable.

The B.N.T.G. has altered the level in several ways for use in arena combat. The largest building in the level has been hollowed out for use as an arena, and tunnels have been constructed by the B.N.T.G. to allow wanderers to safely travel from one building to another. Additionally, a B.N.T.G. marketplace has been erected in the level to sell standard B.N.T.G. wares.


The external portion of the level.

The business model of the level consists of paying individual wanderers and teams of wanderers B.N.T.G. credits to partake in combat against entities created by the level, as well as occasionally participating in combat against each other. This combat varies from event to event but usually consists of the wanderer or wanderers battling a set of handpicked entities until one side of the fight is unable to continue. Civilian wanderers may pay to see a fight with B.N.T.G. credits or equivalent bartering and are encouraged to make bets on the results of the match, which are overseen by the B.N.T.G. using a pari-mutuel wagering system. Often, participants from organizations, such as the U.E.C. and Backrooms Robotics, will choose to participate in fights, as it gives them an opportunity to both earn credits to buy materials from the B.N.T.G. and test or advertise weaponry that they have developed.

Human death should be avoided whenever possible, as it has been found that while most visitors are able to compartmentalize and view the fighters as less than human, not all of them have this ability, and there has been a non-trivial loss of profit following a loss of human life. Fighting in the arena is also to be considered as a work option for physically healthy wanderers that fall into debt with the B.N.T.G.

Notable Fights:

Fighter(s): An unaligned wanderer with a baseball bat covered in barbed wire.

Opponent(s): One Athenian Duck.

Results: The wanderer decided not to not to attack the Athenian Duck, remarking that it was "too cute to beat to death". The Athenian Duck then attacked the wanderer with its beak and claws, causing extreme damage to his face and chest. The wanderer perished from physical trauma and blood loss after the match.

Winner: The Athenian Duck.

Notes: None.

Fighter(s): An unaligned wanderer with a large spear and a shield.

Opponent(s): Three Partygoers.

Results: Due to the Partygoers' slow speeds, they had difficulty landing any hits, and the wanderer was able to consistently evade them while jabbing at them with the spear until he was able to inflict grievous injuries on all three of the Partygoers. At some time during the fight, however, one of the Partygoers was able to nick the wanderer's upper arm with the teeth on the end of its arm. The wanderer's left arm was discretely amputated at the shoulder after the fight to prevent the Partygoer infection from taking over the body, though later analysis found that the contact was not long enough to have actually resulted in transformation into a Partygoer.

Winner: The unaligned wanderer.

Notes: The possibility of Partygoer infection, as well as the lackluster fighting skills of Partygoers, mean that fights involving Partygoers may not be worth it. It is suggested that Partygoers not be used in fights until such a time where the public interest in Partygoers would result in a more substantial profit.

Fighter(s): A group of 12 U.E.C. members with various augmented weapons.

Opponent(s): A copy of Blanche.

Results: Unlike all other entities created by the level, the Blanche copy chose not to fight her opponents, remarking that aggression "simply wasn't in her nature". Instead, she prevented the U.E.C. members from attacking her by manifesting a forcefield. Then, after the U.E.C. members grew tired of the fight, she created a teapot, several cups, and a table and sat, drinking tea with the U.E.C. members for a short time afterward.

Winner: The Blanche copy.

Notes: This fight had the highest ticket sales of any fight that has ever taken place in the level, as some wanderers seem to have a strange fixation on seeing Blanche in a fight. However, profit was less than ideal because no wanderers bet against the Blanche copy.

Fighter(s): A group of 8 Backrooms Robotics members with powerful bolt guns that the organization had developed.

Opponent(s): An unknown entity resembling a large, Greco-Roman marble statue of a feminine figure.

Results: When the entity was brought into the arena, the Backrooms Robotics members immediately dropped to their knees and began sobbing and apologizing to the entity. The audience members subsequently all entered the arena and embraced the entity. It then lifted its foot up and crushed several wanderers under its stone heel. After which, it walked over the crowd and tore its way through the walls of the arena until it was able to walk off into the fog at the edge of the level.

Winner: The unknown entity.

Notes: This event was a disaster for the arena. There were 23 civilian deaths, and all audience members suffered from permanent damage to their psyche. Additionally, the entity left behind a number of anomalies resembling glitched visual artifacts. The amount of profit lost from losing B.N.T.G. members and from paying audience members in attendance to stay quiet about the event was staggering. Due to the possibility of public opinion turning against the B.N.T.G., it has been decided to halt operations on Asset 9982 for several weeks until any possibility of controversy dies down. This should not take more than two weeks, however, as the profits lost by closing the asset to the public for a long period of time are substantial. Whether or not to stop using unknown entities in fights is yet to be decided, as the risk of losing profits is existent, but the higher-than-average ticket sales generated by entities that are advertised as "unknown" may balance out the losses.

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