Level 998
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Class 5

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Level 998 is the 999th level of the Backrooms.


A photo of Area 1 near the entrance. Note the 'rendering' effect in the distance. Image by u/KitsuneCat32.


A rough diagram of Level 998. Note that the red dot in the center is the entrance.


The main large circle in the center of Level 998 has a radius of about 100 miles. The floor of the circle is a repeating image of clouds, which have the texture of smooth concrete painted over. The "sky" of this level is also a still image of clouds. The layout is completely flat, and consists of 3 areas. Consistent with all three zones, as you progress further into Level 998, distant squares of the cloud texture will suddenly appear in front of you, and dissapear behind you, in a process known as the "rendering" effect.

Area 1

Area 1 has a repeating image of clouds as its floor, and is completely devoid of entities. It is considered the safe area, and consists of about 50 square miles.

Area 2

Area 2 has a similar image of repeating clouds, but much darker. The clouds are dark grey, and the sky will turn to a similar image of dark clouds. This area is a 25 mile thick ring surrounding Area 1, and is full of dangerous entities. Hordes of Smilers, Skin Stealers, Hounds, Wretches, Partygoers, and many more, will attack en masse.

Notably, entities that there should only be one of in existence, such as The Game Master and The Animated King can appear alongside the other entities, often as duplicates. It is assumed that Level 998 "pulls" simulacra of any entity perceived to be a threat to Area 2. Be prepared for a fight if you dare attempt to enter this area.

Area 3

Once you pass the 25 mile mark, you will enter Area 3. Area 3 is flat, like the previous areas. But the sky and ground will become pitch black. You will only be able to see your own body. Turning back and traveling back through Area 2 and Area 1 is possible still. Traveling further beyond this point is not recommended whatsoever (See Entrances And Exits).

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts, or communities on this level.

Entrances And Exits:


A white door will lead into a flight of stairs. This flight of stairs will go up for a long time, eventually leading you to a small room with one door. Opening the door leads directly into Level 998. The location of this white door is variable, but it can be found in Levels below 500.


Leave Level 998 by returning back the way you came. It is extremely risky to leave this level the alternative way. To begin, walk straight forward in any direction from the entrance. Bring some kind of weapon with you into Area 2, you will have to fight through possibly hundreds of Entities. If the horde is too much for you to handle, turn back and run. You will be able to see if you have made it to the boarder.

Once you pass the border between Area 2 and Area 3, continue walking. Do not bring any supplies into Area 3, leave them behind. Walk until you feel like you will die if you continue any further. Once you finally succumb to exhaustion, starvation, or dehydration, you will wake up in Level 999. God save you if you choose this path, because there's no turning back now.

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