Level 997

Level 997 - A Forever Home.

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⚠️ Content/Trigger Warning ⚠️

The following entry includes sensitive elements that deal with losing loved ones; if you're uncomfortable with such topics, please do not read the page. Thank you for complying!

Evelynn pressed her hand on the pink door that was ultimately out of place in the harsh environment of Level 2. She'd made this trip countless times before; the level was different every time she went, but it always felt so alien to her. Even though her friend had passed away nearly two years ago, she just couldn't let go of her. Evelynn couldn't imagine what life would be like without her—yet here she was. Every time she visited her memorial, she swore it would be the last time. But it is never the last time. She pushed the door outwards, and the familiar pink environment greeted her once more—the warm air of the level immediately let her bad feelings go as she began to make her trip.

She stepped foot into this new world—it was a breath of fresh air after being subject to the dangers of Level 2. She took a few steps through this beautiful, pink, serene world; rose-colored trees encircled a worn-down asphalt road, leading to the memorial site. She looked behind her, and the door that was once there was already gone. It had been like this every time. But all she could think about was the itch in the back of her head—Nina. The beautiful forested road awaited her, and she knew her visit with Nina would be another peaceful one.


She loves how this road looks, but all she can think about is what she came for.

As she steps further along the road, she notices small things that were different since the last time she had been here. The yellow stripe of the road ended much earlier, appearing even more worn down. Off to the right sidepath, one of the trees lied on the ground; it appeared to have been cut down, evidenced by how cleanly it was divided in half. As she went further down, she even noticed discarded pieces of trash; plastic bottles, an emptied jerrycan, and bags of chips were strewn throughout the place. It took her a second to recognize it, but there had even been a memorial at the side of the road, entirely defaced by litter covering its surface.

She decides that it's best to clean this memorial. It's purple with a hint of pink. It was akin to a contemporary art exhibit but with vibrant hues that gave Evelynn an odd familiarity. She dusts everything off the monument and picks up the litter; maybe there will be some use for it later. She finds an envelope titled "For Jaida." She knew it would be best to leave it alone, but curiosity got the best of her. So, she takes her chances and opens it up…

To Jaida,

For the time that you were alive, we were inseparable. Indeed, every moment without you felt like it was wasted; but here I am now, wasting all my time and doing everything to relive the memories I had with you. Not a single moment together was dull; you somehow knew how to breathe joy into my life repeatedly. I know the family we left behind misses us, but wasting the chance to come and visit you pains me. Just know that if your soul indeed rests here, I love you, Jaida —forever and always.

Your beloved husband,


Evelynn had every bit of sympathy for the man in the note. She knew what he wrote was something special—a note for the dead—a thought she had never had. Maybe it would be best if she made one too…

As Evelynn walks further down the path, she notices a few more beaten and battered shrines. She tries her best to dust them off as she makes her journey, giving a read to any legible letters she can find. In the back of her head, she is already preparing to write her letter to Nina. But eventually, she comes to a complete stop, seeing a memorial that seems out of place compared to the others. She steps towards the memorial and begins to look around it. This one was different; it was made out of wood, with dog treats instead of flowers as offerings. She also found a letter—this memorial wasn't for a human being.

From the day I found you in a ditch, curled up into a ball, to the day I sat by your grave, you have always been the best dog this world could offer. I weep now that I see your picture here, yet I am still joyful. Till we meet again, Sparky.

Your loving owner,


A memorial offering for one special friend.

The death of an animal was something she had not experienced; she was never good with animals, though even still, a sense of empathy made its way through her body. Why was this so? Never had she experienced such feelings, but she could imagine it. It intrigued her that the level allowed the mourning of animals alongside humans; perhaps anything passing is viewed similarly on this level.

A time was spent going further down the road, a peculiar aspect she hadn't seen in her previous trips here. The pink, sundown skies of the level were quickly fading into a darker shade. Maybe she was spending too much time on the plane—her most extended trip here by far—but she dreaded her eventual trip to Nina's memorial. Never before had such expectations, even self-made, been placed before her. She managed herself by getting immersed in her work, with a clear bias being that of photography and cooking. Writing was always difficult for her, but one's own feelings mattered not when it came to this, not for her. Hard as she tried to delay her eventual meeting with the memorial, primarily by cleaning up trash in the level, it seemed as if the locale contorted to shorten her path to Nina. Soon enough, she was in front of the grave.

To Nina,

Hi Nina, this is Evelynn writing to you; I don't know what to say other than that I miss you every day. I think about you and will never forget the tough times we have gotten through together. You were the radiant light in the distance and my knight in shining armor; you shaped me into the person I am. If only there were words or room on this paper to explain how much I miss you. I will be writing to you from now on and as long as I still draw breath. Thank you for everything.

Signed, Evelynn

After having finished writing the letter, Evelynn got up, ready to finish her stay. Not far from Nina's memorial, something in her peripherals caught her eye. She held onto the letter and tried to discern what she was seeing. A black area, no more than a couple of hundred feet from where she was standing. She must’ve been so lost in her thoughts not to have noticed it prior. She gripped tight onto her letter, feeling like it was the world's most essential thing. She began pacing the trail between the shrines until she got to what she sought. Much to her dismay, it was an endless void. 'Was this where those who were forgotten went?' she pondered for a while until she saw something peculiar. She stares at a shrine, teetering on the edge of the void. The shrine right before her began to crumble and fall as all the scraps left of it rolled into the void. Having processed the situation, Evelynn took this as a lesson to never forget about Nina.

She dashed back to Nina’s shrine and wrote one last sentence in the letter.

P.S: Remember, I will never forget you. Even when I die, I'll make sure others know of the life you lived.

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