Level 995
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Class 4

  • Unsafe
  • Unsecure
  • Low Entity Count

Level 995 is the 996th level of the Backrooms, it is a semi-Euclidean space and an inconsistent amalgamation of aligned accommodations and infrastructures.


Level 995 resembles an unending linear road of residences packed with furniture and dysfunctional appliances. Issued attempts on escaping by wandering off of the exterior of the road have been unsuccessful due to the unnatural geometry near the level's geographical periphery. As a result of returning to the commencing position subsequent to going off-road, the geometry of Level 995 has been conventionally deemed cylindrical.


Picture of the road.

Due to the lack of critical parts, many vehicles parked along the sides of the road cannot be driven. However, certain supplies can often be found in arbitrary locations within a car, though, with questionable utility. Many accessories and groups of items found inside have been reported to be bewildering. A majority of artifacts discovered have either been broken or ambiguously amalgamated with other irrelevant objects. These coalescences of different items form a device, always having an unsystematic and mundane function, rarely being advantageous. There are many houses in Level 995 that also contain the same fusion of various materials. It is not known how these phenomena happen, but they are often considered to be the cause of a particular spatial distortion frequently occurring at this level.

Attempted interactions with houses that have a clear contrast with other accommodations in Level 995 have been shown to cause certain temporary environmental and spatial distortions to occur. The severity of this effect is seen to be vaguely proportional to the amount of nostalgia an individual experiences after contact. During the process, many victims have reported witnessing misplaced buildings and contorted, unconventional facades of many infrastructures present. The light given off by the atmosphere can erratically pivot between vividness and darkness. These events are theorized to be the primary cause for certain biological and inanimate anomalies occurring in Level 995 and are a major cause of death, with reasons unclear.

Entities in this level have seen to be influenced by similar phenomena, with many beings having unnatural appearances and hostility. Most creatures on Level 995 have been reported to be more hazardous due to certain mutations caused by synthesis from previous incidents. Because of their unique behavior, a great majority of safety protocols will not work. When coming in contact with a biological anomaly, it is recommended to run the opposite direction until out of sight.

Glitched Buildings

According to recent results of interviews between members of the research team and wanderers who have interacted with a distorted building, there is an apparent link between the Frontrooms and Level 995. An anonymous researcher speaks about the results:

"So we got the results yesterday, and the outcome was quite shocking to be fully honest. The answers that we got were something that I wasn't personally expecting. So what we found was that these special accommodations on Level 995 have something bewildering to them. When we questioned why they decided to interact with these, knowing the potential consequences of the spatial distortions. What we got out was that these houses looked like exact replicas of their homes in the Frontrooms. The reason why this is significant is that there are numerous amount of similar claims. If this is true then that could explain a certain correlation between Level 995 and reality. For some reason, buildings from the Frontrooms also coexist with the Backrooms, this could be a reasonable explanation to why these glitches occur when trying to interact with one; a fusion between two realities. The question is if the Backrooms and the Frontrooms are related in some way…"

- Anonymous

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

Currently, there are no reported communities or groups habiting Level 995.

Entrances and Exits


In order to enter this level, one has to break through a locked house in Level 9.


If a wanderer sees a house painted in blue with similar structural assembly as other accommodations found on Level 995, then by entering will lead to Level 63.

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