Level 990
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Class Variable

  • Mysterious Properties
  • Scarce Information
  • Gradual Changes in Environment



Photograph of the vegetation growing on structures within Level 990.

Level 990 consists of a massive city which shows a significant degree of overgrowth on buildings and other concrete structures, allowing the level to later earn the moniker of the "Overgrown City" by explorers. It also consists of a labyrinthine sewer network that underlies the city.

A mist circulates throughout the surface of the level on soft winds, providing a constant state of humidity. Above this mist lies a light blue sky which darkens to a purplish-black by night, thus confirming the presence of a time cycle within Level 990. The level has been denoted by researchers to exhibit non-Euclidean geometry in alleyways or sewers. Through some unknown variable, the level also disallows travelers to meet each other; this is hypothesized to be a result of an isolation effect akin to what is present on Level 0.

The buildings in the surface city bear similarities to those from reality, but with certain changes. These alterations may include signs written in unknown languages or aberrant architectural elements. Another known environmental anomaly is the erratic transition between two weather states: calm skies or torrential rain.

Objects appear randomly in the level, manifesting within vending machines or trash receptacles and almost always being of worthless value. However, useful items such as water bottles and bags of food can appear at random as well, allowing Level 990 to be survivable.

The level is split into two main sections: the surface and the sewers. It is important to note that the sewers possess a higher degree of danger; such risk is because of a lack of natural light sources, the presence of sewer leeches, and the threat of flooding during a storm event.

Surface Section

The surface of Level 990 is the most accessible portion of the level, as it is where the majority of all entry and exit points are located—as such, its various buildings serve as the natural location for many travelers' camps. Characterized by the overgrown urban sprawl that dominates the horizon, the surface is also where the weather effects of the level materialize.

The buildings within Level 990 also display interior overgrowth. Plant roots, stems, and branches can be seen congregating near windows and glass doors, whereas the deeper portions of buildings harbor growths of mold and mildew. It is not advised for travelers to make any sort of long-term rest deep within these structures, as the presence of microbial growth can pose significant respiratory risks.


A skyscraper portion of Level 990 prior to a torrential rain event.

Unlike the sewers, the surface is subject to a lesser degree of flooding during periods of torrential rain. Even so, particularly long-lasting storms1 can result in the flooding of the streets outside and ground floors of buildings, with water staying at such a height for up to a week before draining by unknown means. This may leave vegetation laying all throughout roads and streets, adding to the arduousness of navigation.

Entities are overall rare on the surface section of Level 990, but two main types of entities have been documented: distant shadowy figures in addition to what only can be described as "flood masses" that appear during flooding events.

Non-Euclidean geometry was reported to exist in the surface within alleyways and stairways in Level 990, leading to exits that open up in areas several kilometers away in any direction.

Sewer Section


Picture taken of an open, flooded entrance to the sewers after a torrential rain event.

The sewers are the highly hazardous portion of the level as a result of no natural light; this danger increases during torrential rain via sudden surges of floodwater. Such dangers are further compounded in risk by how non-Euclidean geometry exists all throughout the network.

Vegetation and overgrowth exists in the sewers because of the invasion of plant roots and vines from surface level sewer grates. Massive growths of bacteria and fungi are also present, posing significant health risks.

During periods of calm weather, the sewers are traversable; its heightened factor of non-Euclidean effects can allow an explorer experienced with the system to travel a significant distance in a short amount of time.


Two visually confirmed entities and one unconfirmed entity reside in Level 990; all are considered to be unique to the level. Entities that are commonly seen throughout the Backrooms, such as Smilers, have never been reported.

"Figures in the Distance"

The "figures in the distance" are described as all-black, amorphous figures who appear only in the surface portion of the level. They are undetectable by travelers unless within a nearby building as a result of the level's mist. Nonetheless, explorers who were equipped with binoculars have noted the presence of these figures standing in windows and on the patios of distant high-rise buildings.

Consciously noticing these entities can result in the manifestation of negative psychological symptoms; no physical effects have been reported.

It has also been documented that these figures will appear closer to travelers during storm events. The reasons for this phenomenon is unknown, but the psychological symptoms they exhibit are somehow exacerbated by the storm.

"Flood Masses"

The "flood masses" are an unconfirmed entity that presumably reside somewhere within Level 990; their true appearance has no current description. These entities are only spotted during violent storm events that submerge ground level floors, and require a flashlight to be seen due to the intense rain and darkness.

The sizes of these masses are estimated to be somewhere between two to three meters long, and about a meter wide at their middle.

No attempts have been made to further understand these entities; the risk for doing so is due to the environment that they manifest within.

"Sewer Leeches"

"Sewer leeches" are the second confirmed entity to reside solely within Level 990. They are described as serpentine and aquatic, primarily living in the sewer section of the level.


A specimen of sewer leech found on the surface section of Level 990.

These entities are known for their (often erratic) attaching motions to anything within the sewers, with a specific behavior of attaching to fungal or bacterial colonies as a possible source of nutrition. They are recorded growing up to seven inches in length.

Sewer leeches are also known to attach to clothing, items, and human flesh, with the latter resulting in injury from lacerations caused by their teeth. Severe infections may arise from sewer leech bites due to the unsanitary environment and the leeches' previous attachments to microbial colonies. For these reasons, it is strongly advised to wear full-body thick clothing while traversing the sewers.

On certain occasions after a storm event, sewer leeches can be seen dead or dying on the streets of Level 990.

A hypothesis by the M.E.G. was proposed about their nature, detailing that these leeches may possess a connection to the dark masses seen underwater during flood events (a result of sharing aquatic properties). This hypothesis remains untested.


Level 990 was discovered on 3/15/2022 through an anonymous bulletin2 left in The Hub detailing the founding of a "silent paradise" by the way of navigating deep into overgrown buildings in Level 11. Upon the bulletin's discovery by the M.E.G., initial research teams were dispatched; upon discovery, they immediately detailed the anomalous properties of Level 990 (particularly its isolation phenomenon and non-Euclidean phenomena).

Discovery Reports

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

Due to the innate isolation factor of Level 990, any permanent settlement consisting of more than one person is considered to be physically impossible. Even so, it is rumored that a large amount of travelers have made the level their home; this is most likely due to its interconnectivity with other levels, relative safety, abundance of pure water from rain or mist condensation, and availability of food from scavenging.

Entrances And Exits


  • The most frequently used entrance for the level is through exploring deep into rare overgrown buildings in Level 11.
  • Entering a rare door in Level 21 labeled "43" will lead to a random overgrown apartment room in Level 990.


  • Much similar to entering, Level 990 can be exited by exploring rare buildings that seem untouched by major overgrowth, leading to Level 11.
  • Staying in the sewer for an extended amount of time has the chance to teleport one to Level 34.
  • Being in the sewer during a flood event has the chance for one to be teleported to Level 76 before drowning.

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