Level 99
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A photo of the distant light in Level 99.

Level 99 is the 100th Level of The Backrooms.


Level 99 is a small hallway with a distant but bright light. It is advised not to look at the light, as it may be a creature and one will end up dead looking at it too long. This room was discovered by an unknown user, who presumably perished in the Level.

Nighty Lighty:

Nighty Lighty is the name given to the light in Level 99. The light appears to be a normal light from a distance, but is a floating ball when up close. Staring at the light for more than 10 seconds will activate a "moaning" sound, assumed to be the moans of the unknown user. After the "moan", a eerie & deep piano melody of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" will play. At the end of the piano melody, the light will expand, engulfing the person. If the person is holding a camera, the camera will continue to operate and send video to another random camera. The person will then disintegrate slowly.

Entrances And Exits:

To Enter, The only way to enter Level 99 is to go into a window at Level 34. To Exit, the only way is to run straight past the light and open the door, which leads you to Level 0. This method is very hard as the you will be attracted by the light, and so has only been successfully completed by u/Enamint. It is highly advised to run into the left door, where you will enter The Hub.

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