Level 988

Content Warning:

Level 988 has a slight theme of depression, death, mentions of light gore, and a brief mention of suicide. If you are uncomfortable with these topics, please skip this page.

If using the ambiance, which I highly recommend, the experience is best with headphones.
- Iamalemon

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  • Devoid of Harmful Entities

The first snapshot in Level 988.


Level 988 resembles a small kitchen inside of a wooden cabin, this cabin being located in the center of a large field with a rim of pine trees. The kitchen features a U-shaped counter facing the back wall with an array of cabinets fixed above; this counter has a stove, sink, and dishwasher built into it. To the left of the countertops is a large refrigerator with 2 compartments, with a much smaller counter to its right; the wall behind the phone has a door that bears entrance to the field. This counter has a corded phone on the wall next to it, as well as picture frames and more cabinets above. The center of the room has a small, round dining table with 4 chairs and a window to its right. There is a large, white cabinet behind the table containing dishes and fine china, with a door to its left.

When one decides to open the door beside the dining table, the room on the other end will be nearly identical to the first, with minor differences such as a chair being moved, an open cabinet, some food on the table, and other possibilities; each individual room and its respective field is known as a "snapshot". Continuing into the next room will show, yet again, a nearly identical room to the one before; changes become more drastic the farther one travels through the rooms, and are seemingly infinite. All rooms contain varying assortments of food and other household items, such as car keys and toys; all of these can be taken and removed from the room, but when the door to the mentioned room is shut and no wanderers are present within the snapshot, the room will reset and all items, furniture, and else will be reset to their original position.


The field during winter.

Level 988's outdoor area is quite sparse, bare of anything of use besides the occasional tractor, car, or other machines and items typically used outdoors. Between snapshots, the weather and season are subject to change, with all varieties of fog, sunniness, cloudiness, and precipitation having been found present throughout Level 988. In the case of a snapshot including rain or snow, all individual snowflakes and/or rain droplets will appear to be frozen in midair, as if a picture was taken, and will only again abide by the laws of gravity when interacted with. If a wanderer is to reach the line of trees at the edge of the field, the wanderer will fall unconscious and wake back up lying somewhere else in the field, proving the field impossible to exit.

The Clock

On Level 988, there is an anomalous grandfather clock seen in random locations throughout all explored snapshots. This clock bears no exact consistencies in location or appearance, but always had a standard clock face with 12 marks around it and 2-3 hands— hours, minutes, and seconds. The clock can appear virtually anywhere in each snapshot, ranging from hanging upside-down in a tree (snapshot 443) to a miniature version found in a bowl of cereal (snapshot 820). Other instances include floating above the home, stuck through a faceling's chest, and halfway clipped through the wall. Tests have shown that the clock is indestructible and attempting to break or manipulate it in any way will cause the person attempting to interact with the clock to fall asleep for, at maximum, 3 minutes. The clock also emits a constant ticking noise heard throughout every snapshot, which while not harmful, can become an annoyance; the clock also seems to have a completely random time on it, the hands not always reflecting the time of day accurately. Because of this, the time on the clock has been deemed irrelevant.


Level 988 features very few entities and none of them are harmful to wanderers; the primary focus of the level has been dubbed the "Smith Family", and is present in most snapshots of the explored level. The Smith Family consists of 4 docile Facelings and a Hound that resembles a family dog: John Smith (Father), Jane Smith (Mother), Mac Smith (Son), Martha Smith (Daughter), and Lily (Pet dog). This family of 4 entities can be seen in many snapshots partaking in daily activities such as eating dinner together, cooking, playing with toys, doing activities outdoors, and all other sorts of things. All entities found throughout the snapshots are frozen in position, whether they are reaching into a cabinet or in mid-jump. They can be interacted with but will obtain ragdoll-like physics resembling those of a corpse if done so, so out of respect, it is not advised. The following are all entities so far found to be present on Level 988, but more are assumed to exist beyond the explored snapshots:

John Smith

John Smith is a faceling who when first encountered is 5ft and 8in tall, has short, messy brown hair, and wears a faded, light blue, short sleeve collared shirt; his name was first found written on a calender in snapshot 6, marking his 47th birthday. In his first encounter in snapshot 3, he can be found outside, carrying 2 small and colorful duffel bags from a green sedan and into the home. Throughout the snapshots, he is commonly seen doing tasks such as working at a computer, hunting Reverse Defecation Birds, or eating.

Jane Smith

Jane Smith, when first encountered, is 5ft 5in tall, has long, straight blonde hair, and wears a red dress covered in flowers. Her name was first discovered in an envelope on the table addressed to an unknown character named "Gabe" in snapshot 108; no postal information was present on the envelope. She is first found in snapshot 6 hanging colorful lights near the window for Christmas, and it has been found that the theme of cleaning and home-upkeep continues to become a recurring theme present in the character. She is most often seen doing dishes, preparing dinner, or playing in the field with her children, and while it has never been confirmed, she is presented as around 38 years old in snapshot 6.

Mac Smith

Mac Smith is 4ft and 4in tall in the first snapshot featuring him. He has light blonde hair and is most often seen wearing t-shirts of many varieties; he is first found in snapshot 6 drawing a picture of their "family" with oil pastel crayons at the dining table. His name was first discovered in snapshot 6 with his name labeled at the bottom of his drawing; Mac is commonly found drawing, doing outdoor activities, and playing with Lily. It is confirmed he is 11 years old from a birthday cake in snapshot 8.

Martha Smith

Martha Smith, the youngest member of the Smith family, is 3ft and 9in when first seen in snapshot 11, feeding Lily. Martha Smith has long blonde hair very similar to that of her mother's and is first encountered in snapshot 5 playing with an iPad at the dining table. Her age is never revealed until snapshot 188, when she is found to be 9 according to a medical report, meaning she is presumably 7 years old; this is also the first time her name is mentioned She is most commonly found wearing a pink, short-sleeved t-shirt, and is usually playing in the field, using her iPad, or reading.

Lily Smith

Lily Smith is a Hound resembling a pet dog that is found in the majority of snapshots up to snapshot 717 but has no identifying traits besides the dog tag around her neck labeled "Lily", and the fact that it is covered in thick, soft hair. While her age is never specifically mentioned, it is assumed that during her first appearance, she was a newborn she is most often spotted in snapshots eating from a dog bowl, curled up on the floor, sleeping, or running in the field, and is first found in the second snapshot sleeping.


Gabe is a Faceling who appears in a small minority of Level 988 snapshots, more commonly seen during the final 400 of the first 1000. He is overweight and bald, usually found wearing a white t-shirt with the title "Sn4pbAck5LAYA" spread across the top and a red skull underneath. He does a great variety of things throughout the 1st 1000 snapshots, ranging from drinking a beer from an unknown company at the counter with Jane, or seeming to "argue" with John.

Other entities

While there are 6 primary entities of note on Level 988 throughout each of its unique snapshots, there are also many minor entities found throughout as well:

  • Reverse Defecation Birds are often spotted in the sky in the sky for the majority of snapshots.
  • Much smaller versions of Deathmoths are not uncommonly seen hiding in corners of the kitchen in the first and last 30 snapshots.
  • Nguithr'xurhs, while rare, are found on the ceiling of a select few snapshots.

Snapshots 1-1000

As the primary snapshots seen on Level 988, wanderer Rita Irwin set out on a journey throughout the first 1000 snapshots, taking nearly 3 days to complete her full expedition. The following are notes she shared digitally with the M.E.G. after returning to Outpost Snow Day.

Snapshot 1

Level 988, here I go. I'm still in the soon-to-be Outpost Snow Day- they're setting up tents right now, so they could be done by the time I'm back.

Well, there isn't much. Just a kitchen with a field outside, winter. Some baggage on the table and shoes at the door, but not much else. Oh, and the clock isn't really as bad as people have told me.

The yard has a car: uhhhh some sort of sedan I think. It's green, too. We tried to start it, but couldn't find the keys.

Nothing else ig. I'll update this whenever I see something interesting.

Snapshot 2

Puppy! There's a hound curled up in the corner wearing a Christmas sweater! The hound is covered in fur, too. The dog tag says Lily, so I'll take it that it's her name. There's also this cute little drawing of the family Mac drew saying "I love my family"!

Besides that, nothing's changed much. Same room, snowy field, etc.

Snapshot 6

So here is where we meet some more of the family. Mum, dad, and the son are all present… not the daughter? Weird.

The dad is out in the yard with 2 more bags, prolly still the kids'. The mum's hanging Christmas decorations, too! Glad to see this inanimate family likes the holidays. The boy's sitting at the table, drawing a picture of their family… he looks young.

Okay nothing much more. The fridge is full now, and the shelves are stocked though. Looks as if the family had moved into here! Yay Rita, you discovered stuff :)

Snapshot 11

The daughter made an appearance. She's feeding the dog smth? I'd take a look but I'm not touching that lmao.

THERE'S A REINDEER BLOW-UP IN THE YARD!!!!!!!! I love this family more by the minute. Some lights got hung up on the outside of the house, and even tho no rooms are accessible but the kitchen, it looks cool. That's all here.

Nope, there's more. It's snowing outside too, but the flakes are stuck in the air. Makes them easier to catch! And I also found a death moth hiding in the corner of the ceiling. I don't think it means much.

Snapshot 25

It seems to be Christmas! (the calender says 'December 25' so I'm assuming that means Christmas) The family is all accounted for at the dinner table which is nice, and there's a photo on the wall. If the wifi here works, it shoulddddd be attached below. The family looks a few years younger though, and the girl looks only maybe 3 or 4.

So I was checking outside (it's nighttime), and I realized- wtf why do the pictures have faces? In case ur slow, the family is facelings, so why is there a photo of humans?

Side note: I tried the turkey… it's actually really good! Had to squeeze between the couple, to get it though, whoops. Definitely eat food when you can, guys.


Cute family!!!! <3 Looks a few years old.

Snapshot 51

This one was one hell of a snapshot. Some fat guy showed up, and he looks pretty disgusting. I noted that the dad, John, is nowhere to be found. It's nighttime out and he's holding some sort of beer. I'm getting invested in these people all of a sudden lol.

Okay so the beer is disgusting and tastes like piss. The bottle says "Onslaught Beer", so I'm guessing I know where this comes from… ew. Also, Jane is in the room. She's uh- wearing some weird silk nightgown, and I personally ain't a fan lmao.

Uh back to what I was saying- what's this all about? This guy? I remember seeing the name "Gabe" on a card… is this him? And what is he doing with Jane? oh well, I'll see at some point.

Snapshot 85

The snow on the field is melting, and Christmas decorations r going down. I'm kinda disappointed ngl because everything was so happy! Right now the family is all outside playing with the dog. There's a frisbee midair and a few drifting snowflakes, and I'm tempted to join them! If only inanimate figures could chuck a football… I'll pray.

ALSO, THE TICKING SUCKS. IT'S LOUD AND ANNOYING. please someone find a way to get rid of it.

Snapshot 168

JESUS has it been a while! There just hasn't been much happening. I think it's around summer break right now, but they took down the calendar, so I can't be sure. There's a massive thunderstorm outside right now— as in millions of raindrops are suspended in midair. It truly is a spectacle!

In other news, the family is gone. Lily is still here in a metal cage with some food, so I'm assuming the Smiths may be on a vacation of sorts, further backing up my seasonal theory. Not much happens anymore, but I'll update when it does.

Snapshot 206

Heyyyy I'm back. Had to note that the grandfather clock everyone told me about is…

Stuck straight through John's head. Blood on the floor and coating the clock, with John's head tilted back over his chair. And it. Keeps. TICKING! It's nighttime with no one else here, and really ominous. Symbolism? Idfk. I'm not taking a picture of this bloody mess, so imagine it for yourself… its a miniature clock with the head appearing to have been forcibly shoved straight through his skull. Gives me chills.

Snapshot 299

Not much has happened since 206 with the weird clock, and I've started to tune it out. Just usual daily activities like eating, cleaning, and playing outside-

-That is until today. It's Gabe again. This time, none of the family is present, but Gabe is standing in the corner, the grandfather clock upright behind him. What's horrifying is that the family photo I mentioned earlier is stuck to the wall with a knife and a red "X" over John's face, with a heart around Jane. The worst part is that GABE HAS A FREAKING TORCH. I need to go to the next room

Snapshot 300

Okay so I think there's a firetruck or smth? A few facelings are out front with a hose and are spraying out flames scattered in the field (these flames are still really hot tho). Gabe set a freaking, and to what, impress Jane? The kids aren't present, but John and Jane are hugging. Jesus christ I'm actually going to cry. Hold on.

So… I'm not sure what to make of this. These are inanimate faceling props with a fancy stage, that's all. There is no family, and they aren't real. Just something set up for whatever intentions. I shouldn't be emotional over what are essentially dolls. The house didn't burn down, but there are fallen ceiling tiles. The clock is still where it last was. Until a happier next time.

A Happy Snapshot 365 :)

I've gone through many more snapshots, and I think it's getting better. John isn't here as much, but today looks like his birthday! There are balloons, a cake (tasted great), and a few other facelings with party hats I don't recognize. There aren't any candles though, and probably for good reason… that fire probably traumatized the poor family.

I forgot to count but I'll find out this number when I go back in a few minutes.

I can't tell but it seems to get blood worse every few snapshots. Over and over and over again I see dark nights with John sitting at the table alone. The house still isn't perfect, and a small section of the roof still looks charred, as if it'd buckle. I'm worried for John ig? He's working on what looks to be taxes or some sort of insurance form. It happens so much and each time he looks worse. Can facelings cry? There are small droplets of water on the papers sometimes, and I can't think of anything else. I've seen him praying, asleep at the table, and tearing up papers. He looks so happy during the day with Jane tho… I'll see you later, journal.

Does the number even matter

It's Snapshot 472. John couldn't take it. He's uh. JESUS CHRIST WHY. He's hanging in a noose from the ceiling reinforcements. I'm not describing that anymore, TAKE IT AS YOU WILL ALRIGHT?

I went ahead a few rooms and John isn't here anymore. John's gone. Dead? But was he ever even alive?

He killed himself.


i hate this goddamn clock. I found it like this right in front of him, on the counter.

Snapshot 550

After the… "shocking event" that happened on Snapshot 472, things have quieted down. The family, or what remains, usually aren't near each other anymore. I also forgot to note that I found a picture on 472 I hadn't even seen. I don't know what it is or if the clock means anything, but I just want that infernal ticking to cease. Its almost as if it went away, but John's mistake brought it back into my head. Photo I found should be attatched below.


idk what this is but it has to mean smth. stupid-ass clock.

Snapshot 581

If it happens again I'm leaving. Even thought they can't speak, I can almost interpret their emotions. Mac hit Jane, his mum, and he always seem to stand in an agressive stance, usually outside with Lily. I she's had a bruise on her face since Snapshot 559. I'm almost mad at John for doing this too them but I can't. It was Gabe. I have a bad feeling about the clock though, and I'm going to make that thing stop its goddamn ticking.

Snapshot 640

It's Christmas again, and I couldn't be more upset. Without John, Gabe showed up. They have no idea what he did. WHY CAN'T THEY UNDERSTAND? GABE IS A TERRIBLE PERSON! I'm just so angry. Even though its night, Mac is outside walking to the car; I assume he got his license. Pinned to the windshield is a drawing. Its the drawing from Snapshot 2, I remeber it vivdly bcs it was so heartwarming- yea, that lasted.

John's face is gone, and in its place, a clock face. Even though its only a drawing, the ticking was loudest here, and the hands were moving on the drawing, not to mention his feet slightly held up. You could say I'm about to "clock" that noisey piece of shit.


its the clock

Snapshot 661

I can't take it. As soon as I had the cold paper in my hands, and yanked down on one side to tear it, I fell asleep, or I think so. I woke up some time later, facedown in the snow, intact drawing lying 3ft to my right, TICKING. I went back into the house (on 660) and wouldn't you know it, the puppy, Lily, had a mini-Big Ben stuck shoved right though her skull. The dog bowl was full of blood.

I didn't notice until I was about to leave, but Mac was outside in the grass shooting what I think are reverse-defecation birds. Worst part? His eyes were gone and replaced by 2 watch faces, each dripping blood as if there had been a botched eye-replacemnt surgery.

Snapshot 605

I see Mac less and less. Lily has been sleeping a lot. Gabe has shown up once more, this time hugging Martha. Even without a face, she looks distressed. I believe she is now 14. I'm sorry for my blocky writing but I can't think. I'm not mentally ill or anything, just sad. I'm praying for Mac.


Snapshot 716

I promised I'd reach 1000. I will reach 1000. Here's what happened today:
I walked in and didn't see anyone. Then I looked out the window and saw red staining the snow in the distance. I ran fast, for what reason I don't know, and there they were. Mac had taken the same gun I John used to hunt and shot Lily. She was dead. Idk if I'll ever know what drove him to do it, but I do know that Lily and John will be in my heart forever.

And I haven't seen Mac since either.


idek why I bother to take another picture. I saw this picture in a dream last night, and here it is again after Lily passed away. WHAT IS IT?

Snapshot 800

I stepped into the room and saw Gabe and Jane posed like they were kissing. Neither have mouths ofc, but I could tell they were kissing. And there was yet another fucking clock sticking out of the back of her neck as if she ate it and it tore through, blood coating the miniature face. It looked as if the bloodstained moon imprinted on the clock was smiling, realizing I had caught on but could not change the inevitable. I knew all too well what would happen.

Snapshot 879

You know the drill. It was evening this time, and I couldn't seem to find anyone but Martha sitting at the table, weeping. I checked outside and saw a car speeding down the dirt road, exaust hanging midair from the exaust pipe, and a "Just Married" sign hanging from the back of what I can only assume was Gabe's pickup truck. I saw lipstick marks pressed onto the sign, bright red, as Jane's always was. I'm almost to 1000.

I won't bother reposting, but the skelton picture came back. I spat on it.

Snapshot 925

I think Martha Smith is about 16 now. She's been sitting at the table most of the time, eating food or texting on her phone. Surprisingly, I've just about become immune to my emotions, if I can phrase it that way. I've put John, Jane, Mac, and Lily behind me. The clock would do as it would, and I wasn't about to give 2 fucks. I was unharmed anyways.

Snapshot 988

This was the last place I saw Martha. She was opening the car door with a large backpack on. What confused me the most if that I found the clock buried in the snow, face stuck in the ground and ticking muffled. I felt happy. Martha was leaving, and the clock was useless.

Snapshot 1000

I'm actually happy now, really. The house has dust, and the clock is still here, ticking and tocking, but Martha's gone. I had promised myself I'd go no further than 1000, but I peeked anyways. The garage door was open, and a new faceling stepped inside.

When Rita Irwin returned and offered us her notes, we decided to conduct an interview. She had already pllaced her backpack back on and was headed for the exit, denying the request, but did tell us the following:

"How was this place? It's safe. Devoid of harm besides a single fire, it has infinite resorces, and I learned a lot. This isn't a level, its a story. The story of an unfortunate family and stupid-ass neighbor. How can I conclude? I learned of life and death. I cried out of sorrow and I beamed with happiness, and I could recount the whole thing if I wanted, but I won't. Finish the outpost, travel beyond 1000, and do a favor for me: destroy that motherfucking clock." -Rita Irwin

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

M.E.G. Outpost Snow Day:

  • Infinite resources
  • 40 M.E.G. agents
  • Lead by Nathan Hawk
  • 100% secure and safe

Entrances And Exits


  • Noclipping on Level 131.
  • Noclipping on Level 205.
  • Walking in a forest for 5 hours straight has a small chance of causing the wanderer to walk through some trees and enter Level 988.


  • A sand-covered hole in the ground near Outpost Snow Day leads to Level 149.
  • Consuming a burger found in Snapshot 87 will noclip one to Level 213.
  • Entering the minivan in Snapshot 672 will take one to Level 69.

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