Level 974
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Photo of "Kitty" standing in a doorway of Level 974

Level 974 is the 975th Level of the Backrooms.


Level 974 appears to be a moderately sized home with pink theming throughout the interior. There appears to be no physical door leading to an outdoor area and windows within the level simply reveal artwork depicting what one would typically see outdoors, except with a notably "cute" theming to it.

Due to its finite space, there are only a few rooms which can be accessed and explored in the level. This level consists of; a normal sized bedroom, a master bedroom, two bathrooms, a living room, and a dining room with an attached kitchen. Plumbing and electricity function normally in Level 974, and there is a decent Wi-Fi connection as well. These amenities have all been proven safe to use, and Wanderers are encouraged to use them while in the Level, as they may not encounter another safe spot for awhile.

The distinctive quirk of this level is the pink and pastel theming and decor within it; the walls, furniture, and even the appliances all have this notable style of decor. These items are often branded with familiar mascots from the Frontrooms, such as characters from Sanrio and San-X.

Many consumable items can be found here, such as Greasy Marshmallows and various types of food typically seen in the Frontrooms, these items are located within the kitchen's fridge and pantries. The food itself is in good condition and is completely safe to consume. Anything taken from the pantries or fridge will eventually replace itself by unknown means.


Only one known entity resides in Level 974; the entity known as ‘Kitty’. Kitty is a 3.2m tall, humanoid entity with unnaturally long, lanky limbs which lack hands or feet. The entity’s skin is matt-black and has a texture similar to that of leather. It also seems to lack any semblance of facial features, but is assumed to be able to see, hear, and smell the same way most Wanderers can via alternate methods. When moving, Kitty travels smoothly and swiftly, often times surprising Wanderers who were not aware of its existence by appearing in close vicinity to them.

The entity has not yet displayed any forms of hostility, opting instead to stalk Wanderers as they explore and rest within Level 974.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

There are no bases, camps or outposts on this level.

Entrances And Exits:


If a Wanderer has anything perceived as 'cute' on their person upon entering a new level, there is a slight possibility of being transported to Level 974 instead of the location they would have normally been transported to.


The only known exit from Level 974 is by giving Kitty a 'cute' item that was obtained before your visit. This item can be given to Kitty at any time during your stay. Upon handing the gift to Kitty, you will immediately fall asleep and wake up in a safe level.

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