Level 96
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Class Aleph

  • Unsafe
  • Time Dilation
  • Undocumented Entities

Picture taken from The M.E.G., approximately three hundred (300) yards from the cliffs of Akabash Island.

Level 96 is the 97th Level of The Backrooms. Due to the unique and overarching properties of the Level, it has been assigned the designation of Aleph-Null.


Level 96 is a clearing of blue concrete estimated to be four square miles in size. The expanse is carved to resemble waves surrounded by four walls of rock, colored to resemble further expanse. Beyond the outer shell of Level 96 is a presumably infinite, yellow-fogged void that progressively darkens, and eventually leads to Level 6. The concrete floor of Level 96 has the innate property of reconstituting its position after two (2) hours of being excavated. In the center of Level 96 lies a plateau of mixed rock of unknown origin topped with a thin layer of dirt and grass. This landmass, designated "Akabash Island", has the latent effect of slowing time down to an extreme degree while within a two hundred fifty (250) yards from the shoreline.

Once an individual enters the radius of Akabash Island's time-dilation effect, all communication to the outside of the radius is severed. It is theorized that the cause of this seperation of communication is due to the immense difference of relative times between Akabash Island and the rest of Level 96. Time flows approximately three million six hundred seventy-nine thousand two hundred (3,679,200) times slower while within this radius, meaning every hour within the effect is translated to about seven (7) years outside of the effect. It is unknown what the cause of the time-dilation that Akabash Island exhibits, as real-life equivalents of this effect suggest a much larger scale of size than is present.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Operation "Aleph"; Base Null

  • The first established base of Operation "Aleph". Founded on 10/11/2020 by Operator Null.
  • Houses the official communications hub, designations committee, and the majority of the barracks for the operation.
  • Located in the Northeast corner of Level 96 within a walled and guarded encampment.
  • Holds approximately twenty Operation "Aleph" staff members at a time, but can reportedly hold one hundred forty-five individuals at any given time.

M.E.G. (A.k.a The "Major Explorer Group") Group "Time Cops"

  • An officially sanctioned group of M.E.G. explorers tasked with researching the time-dilation property of Akabash Island.
  • Comprised of seven researchers and four armed personel.
  • Established approximately three hundred (300) yards from the island itself to ensure a safe distance from the time-dilation effect.

House of the Setting Moon

The House of the Setting Moon is a private establishment supposedly owned by The Lunatic. It is unknown why or how this was accomplished, given the time-dilation effects the island exhibits. This may be evidence of a workaround to the time-dilation, or it could simply be another property this entity has.

The actual establishment appears to be a gambling den of sorts, and might be tied to Level 777. Further research must be made to confirm these claims, but due to the unlikelyhood of results any time soon, there is no guarantee of any further discovery.

Entrances And Exits:


  • An entryway to Level 96 can be rarely found within Level 0 by peeling carpet back. The entryway takes the form of a hidden sewer cap that, once entered, deposits the wanderer in a random location within Level 96. Due to the randomness of the entryway, it is entirely possible to be deposited within the radius of *Akabash Island*.
  • Another entrance to Level 96 can be found on Level 7 by locating a room that holds a large concrete mixer. Entering said mixer will transport the wanderer to the Southeastern quadrant of Level 96, and is considered the most consistant way to gain entry into said level.


  • To exit Level 96, one can simply enter the void that surrounds the level's outer shell. Entering said void will transport the wanderer to Level 6, although upon entry the wanderer will experience a dramatic shift in g-force, and may cause severe injury or even death.
  • Another method to exit Level 96 is to dig through the concrete floor, leading the wanderer eventually to Level 7. The excavation must be completed within two (2) hours or the ground will repair itself completely, potentially burying the wanderer in the aftermath.

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