Level 95
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Class 2

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An image taken by u/atoz5 upon his first arrival.

Level 95 is the 96th level of the Backrooms. It is generally regarded as one of the more mysterious levels. It can be easily underestimated and result in death or insanity.


Level 95 is a seemingly endless janitors’ closet like that found in a school. Those who arrive will most often find themselves starting in a hallway near a pried open walk-in fridge door with extremely bright lights.
The most common creatures here are Deathmoths, but the main risk of the place is Parasitic Paint, which is a type of strange paint that spreads throughout the walls of levels. None currently know what this paint is made of. It is acidic to human tissues, e.g. epithelial tissue, nervous tissues, and muscle tissues. The Moths aren't very dangerous, so avoiding the Parasitic Paint and maintaining sanity is the priority to surviving this floor.

There is also a rumor that if you use the elevator on this level, you'll be taken to Level -6.

"The Cold Hall”

As the name implies, it is a cold part of the level. The buckets that would be used for mops contain cold Almond Water, and the spray bottles contain Smiler Fluid. There are random doors which open to lit up walk in fridges with Male Deathmoths.

"The Freezing Hall"

The second area, known simply as The Freezing Hall, is an even colder small, tight infinitely long hallway with no lights, but the buzzing is still there. There are fewer doors as you go on. This area contains numerous large machines and pipe work, intertwined over each other, and is extremely cold and the floor has puddles of frozen Almond Water. Cracked or broken pipes and exhaust valves line most of the walls. Many have reported the sounds of loud banging noises from the larger boilers. Do not touch them, you can’t save who or what might be in there. Even if you could, you would probably regret it as some of the boilers are covered in Parasitic Paint and in the dark, you can't tell which are.
As with most levels, there is a constant buzz of a ceiling lighting whenever traversing this level, however, they don’t work.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are currently no Bases or Outposts at this time.

Entrances And Exits:


It is easy to enter this level. Just find Custodian Only Doors in Level 3, Level 4, Level 52, Level 176, or Level 321.


There are 2 known ways to exit this level. Find a door with an XI symbol on it and upon going through, you enter a lobby in one of the buildings in Level 11, or find a door with an LII symbol on it, which will lead you back to Level 52.

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