Level 93
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Class 4

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The first image of Level 93.

Level 93 is the 94th Positive Level of the Backrooms discovered on ██/██/████ by an M.E.G. Search Team originally from Level 3.


Level 93 appears to be a seemingly baseless mountain alike in appearance to the Himalayan Mountain; Mount Everest. If Level 93 does have a base, it has yet to be seen/recorded.


All discovered entities of the Backrooms perish in Level 93. The only traces of entities in Level 93 is their frozen corpses buried in the snow. Entities without a physical form (Smilers, Howlers etc.) do not spawn in Level 93.

“If a level kills entities which want you dead, you know you’re gonna be in for something.”
- Anonymous Reddit User

Anomalous Properties:


Level 93’s composition is very weak simply consisting of: Ice, Snow, Sodium, Carbon, low concentrations of Iron, Mercury, Arsenic and Bismuth and occasionally Quartz. Due to this, it is extremely risky to scale or explore Level 93 due to the incredible probability of landslides and or avalanches. Protective Equipment is advised when exploring Level 93.


Glaciers are the most common feature that can be observed in Level 93.

Glaciers of Level 93 are composed of Ice, Snow, Dry Ice, Tungsten, Rubidium, low concentrations of Iron, Quartz, Acetone, Water, and Mercury and occasionally Carbon.

Glaciers of Level 93 do not appear to follow the established laws of physics. Glaciers encountered in Level 93 have been observed: Scaling Level 93, Expanding and Contracting, Absorbing Regions of Level 93, and entirely Solidifying.

Other Features:

Level 93 harbors many other anomalous features. (Some are yet to be confirmed)


The Trees of Level 93 only can be observed in the beginning stages of Level 93’s weather and in flat areas below 10° exceeding 1█ m2. Species of Trees encountered in Level 93 include: Silver Birch, Red Oak, Amazon Rosewood, White Spruce etc.. Through unknown means, trees incapable of surviving in a similar climate to Level 93’s climate thrive within Level 93.

Seismic Activity - CONFIRMED

Summits of Level 93 has a 1/300,000 chance to spontaneously erupt, however, chances increase exponentially as time spent in Level 93 increases. During an eruption, these events are observed:

  • Less than 1 Second: Eruption Occurs. Summit is obliterated. Smoke erupts from the Summit in question.
  • ~50 seconds: Debris begins falling to the ground.
  • 1-3 minutes: Lava begins flowing from the mountain at an accelerated rate.
  • 3+ minutes: Smoke ends emission.

It appears lava in Level 93 flows 1.9x faster than from Normal Reality and other levels.


Claimed by u/Yttrium in 2022. Lakes are supposedly the rarest feature found in Level 93. Supposedly, Lakes can be found on flat land exceeding 14█ m2.


Tents of Level 93 usually manifest in flat areas of any scale or distance from summit. Tents appear as a portable red/yellow tent. All tents of Level 93 are usually home to hounds and Wretches. Entities have a 30% chance of spawning inside of a tent.

Due to this phenomenon, DO NOT enter any tents in Level 93.



Unlike many levels of the Backrooms, Level 93 holds a stable climate, however has an extremely hostile one at that. Weather encountered in Level 93 include:

  • Temperature: -9.08° Celsius
  • Wind Force: 31
  • Light Snow
>10min | <20min:
  • Temperature: -24.05° Celsius
  • Wind Force: 5
  • Moderate Snow
  • Faint Fog
>20min | <30min:
  • Temperature: -34.88° Celsius
  • Wind Force: 8
  • Heavy Snow
  • Moderate Fog
  • Faint Thunder
  • Light Hail
>30min | <1hr:
  • Temperature: -46.15° Celsius
  • Wind Force: 10
  • Blizzard
  • Intense Fog
  • Lightning
  • Moderate Hail
>1hr | <2hrs:
  • Temperature: -63.96° Celsius
  • Wind Force: 12
  • Intense Blizzard
  • Very Intense Fog
  • Lightning Storm
  • Heavy Hail
  • Temperature: -88° Celsius and below.
  • Wind Force: 12+
  • Intense Blizzard
  • Very Intense Fog
  • Intense Lightning Storm
  • Very Heavy Hail

Note: The lowest temperature ever achieved in Level 93 is -186.94° Celsius.


Level 93 was discovered by a search team of the M.E.G. that was exploring the depths of Level 8. Here is the archived communication between Base Gamma and Search Team 09:


Search Team 09-3: Responsive? Responsive?

Base Gamma-34: Yes, we are responsive.

Search Team 09-3: Nothing’s necessarily special about Level 8. Entity-wise.

Base Gamma-34: Well, then… Okay, make your way back to base.

Search Team 09 unknowingly exited Level 8, expecting to end up in Level 9, however ended up in Level 93

Search Team 09-3: This isn’t Level 9..

Base Gamma-34: What do you mean by that?

Search Team 09-3: We left Level 8 and we appeared on a mountain. Don’t know how it happened but it did.

Base Gamma-34: Can you describe the environment?

Search Team 09-3: It’s uhh.. It looks like a mountain. Like Mount Everest or something. I don’t see a horizon. So it must be hundreds of miles tall, and I don’t think this is the summit either.

Base Gamma-34: Could you add any other information?

Search Team 09-3: This Level somehow supports weather.

Base Gamma-34: Could you document what weather you see?

Search Team 09-3: Well, before we had this conversation, it was simply snowing but now it developed heavier.

Base Gamma-34: Okay. Attempt to leave, ASAP.


It is presumed that Search Team 09 ended up exiting the level after 45 minutes, however, due to a lack of oxygen in Level 93, all members of Search Team 09 leaving with hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) and died several minutes later. Due to this, any exit has not been recorded.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no existing bases and/or outposts on this level due to it’s harsh climate and characteristics.

Entrances & Exits:


Level 93 can be accessed through Level 8, 47, 115, 135 and The Mountain Village.

  • Level 8
    • No-Clipping through a corner of Level 8.
    • Random 1/1000 chance of entering through exiting Level 8.
  • Level 47, Level 135
    • Bury yourself in snow.
  • Level 115
    • Cut through a wall of Level 115.
  • Level 265
    • Wander into the forest for 4 hours.


There is no known way to exit Level 93. It is presumed the Search Team 09 happened upon the exit, however the exit had not been recorded. It is claimed that a wanderer descended Level 93 and landed into Level 135, however the method has not been recreated successfully.

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