Level 911

—— Level 911 ——

Some levels are too challenging to comprehend, and some are quite easy to understand. In the Backrooms, nothing is ever guaranteed; a "sure" is never more certain than a "maybe".
With time, people learn to explore on their own, venture out for themselves and discover what works and what doesn't; what kills, and what heals.

This is the case in most environments.

Level 911 poses a new, unforeseen challenge. A set of rules that every wanderer has to follow if they want to survive. Met at the end with an unknown reward, of a mysterious nature.
Not every rule is easy to understand, and some may not even appear to make any sense.

Whatever it is that you are greeted with, it must be followed word by word; bit, by bit.

Level 911 consists of nothing but a lone street with a single hotel at the end of it. The road has a grassy median, with trees present in one half, and the other containing only darkened, dead bushes and burnt grass. On one side stands the hotel, an almost colorless, aged, and decayed wooden building; on the other, nothing but fog, which also encompasses the rest of the level.
Those who venture into the fog are not to be searched for. If they return, ignore them, they are not human anymore. They are not harmless. Those creatures are lost souls who no longer have a purpose to live. Do not feel bad for them, they no longer have emotions.

Multiple wanderers will be sent to this level if they decide to take a specific bus in ##### #. Said bus will indicate the destination of "911", which will also be the number of the bus, the route, the license plate, and the model of the vehicle. Even the bus seats are all numbered 911. The speedometer, the clock. The number loves repeating itself.

It will drive through the streets of ##### # until it has enough victims, upon which it will make its way to Level 911. The number is 10.
No driver is ever present, not that one has yet been seen that is.

Leaving the bus is not an option, as any escape attempts have been deemed futile: all exits are impossible to use; windows do not shatter, doors do not open, and the walls do not get scratched, until everyone has arrived. But why would you? You are probably safer inside the bus anyways…

If you are reading this, it means that you are probably standing on this empty road, clueless about what to do. After all, it never seemed like this article ever existed before…
Upon entering, everyone is given a diary. The first 4 pages of this diary have a specific list of rules that everyone must follow, as aforementioned. That is if you want to survive.

— Arrival Rules

  1. The street is just as lonely as all those surrounding you, be nice and leave before it gets annoyed.
  2. Look at the sky and smile.
    1. If nothing happens, stay quiet for the rest of your stay.
    2. If you feel a cold breeze of air rush against you, you are free to talk with other wanderers.
  3. Do not wander into the void. It will consume you.
  4. If you hear whispering, ignore it.
  5. Walk up to the front door once you have read the arrival rules, you may read the rest inside in safety. The fog is getting impatient.

— Base Rules

  1. You are the only visitors. Everything else is not human.
  2. Everyone shares the same bedroom. If there are more than 10 beds, something is guaranteed to be roaming during the night.
  3. The carpets like to make wanderers trip and fall.
    1. If you see it happening to someone else, you must laugh at it.
    2. If it happens to you, you must not get up until someone passes by.
  4. The door to the basement should always be closed.
    1. If it is open, and the air suddenly gets cold when you stare at it, run to the living room and wait a few minutes. Otherwise, if the air remains the same, close it immediately.
  5. Sometimes the TV in the living room will turn on. You must not turn it off, no matter what it may play. Some of the movies here can be very gruesome.
  6. There are many stairs in the hotel. If any seem similar, do not walk up the stairs.
  7. 2 dogs and 1 cat are always present. The dogs will always walk together, and the cat will be following them from afar.
    1. If the cat is standing still, someone has died recently. The dogs are eating the body.
    2. If the dogs are not followed by the cat, go find him. He sometimes gets lost.

— Day Rules [12 PM – 12 AM]

  1. Everyone must place their belongings in the closets inside the bedroom. Anything that is not put there will disappear.
  2. Bedtime is between 9 PM and 12 AM. If you aren't in the bedroom by midnight, the door will not open for you.
  3. Should you be hungry, the kitchen will have meals prepared for everyone from 7 PM to 11 PM. Do not walk into the kitchen at any other hour.
  4. Do not let the dogs in the bedroom during these hours. You are recommended to instead let the cat inside, he is thought to be a lucky charm at times.
  5. The bathroom is usable only during these hours.
    1. If a wanderer is present, you may use the rest of the bathroom.
    2. If the bathroom is empty, close the door after you enter.
    3. If you are showering and notice someone else enter, ignore them. Only come out when they leave, human or not.

— Night Rules [12 AM – 6 AM]

  1. Screams are your friend. If the screaming stops, everyone must compensate for it until it comes back.
  2. If you wake up and someone is missing, check the temperature of the bed. If it's cold, that person has died.
  3. Everyone must sleep for at least one hour. The nightmares like enough room for poetry.
  4. If you stare outside the window and the sky is red, immediately go back to bed and sleep or pretend to, no matter what you hear in the following minutes.
    1. If the door of your bedroom opens, do not move until you hear it close again. Immediately look if anyone is missing.
  5. Ignore any knocks on the door. They are not good sleepover buddies.
  6. Do not walk outside the bedroom until 6 AM, no matter what anyone or anything tells you.

— Morning Rules [6 AM – 12 PM]

  1. If you wake up before anyone else in the morning, immediately wake someone else up.
    1. If no one seems to respond, go back to sleep until you wake up again, or you're awoken.
  2. Breakfast will be available for everyone, even those who are dead. Do not eat their food.
  3. The dogs and the cat will also be eating during this time. Do not disturb them.
    1. If the cat stayed with everyone in the bedroom during the night, you may pet him. He saved you without you knowing it.
  4. Only go upstairs to grab your belongings and leave. If you do not leave until 12 PM, you must stay inside until the next day.

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