Level 91
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A photo of Level 91.

Level 91 is the 92nd level of the Backrooms. It is a level that appears to resemble a real-life field within Kentucky, USA, though there are notable differences.


Level 91 is an area that seems to copy that of a location out of the backrooms, specifically a field in Kentucky. In Level 91, everything, including items and beings from other areas, are shaded in a black-and-white tone. It was originally believed to be an effect on one's vision and not actually the color of the level itself, though this has been disputed by photos taken within Level 91.

When in Level 91 it is impossible to encounter any other survivors also inside of Level 91. This was discovered when two survivors having both been in Level 91 tried to meet up at a nearby barn, and the following forum messages took place:

GraveyardDan: ok I’m at the barn, where are you

LoneTerror3: Wait, I'm confused, I'm in the woods you sent me the photo of, but I don't see a barn.

GraveyardDan: What? You sure?

LoneTerror3: Yeah, I'm next to the tire and everything. But I don't see you or a barn.

LoneTerror3: Hold on I see a guy. Is that you?

GraveyardDan: I don’t see you.

GraveyardDan: Hello?

Note: It is currently not known what has happened to either LoneTerror3 or GraveyardDan since this event.

Due to the nature of this level, it is not infinite and can be mapped by using its real-life counterpart. The level spans for a few miles at most. It seems to mirror that of the Indiana-Kentucky border region, though several notable towns are missing. Attempting to go too far in Level 91 will result in no-clipping through the floor and into another level, and only a certain part of the real world can actually be explored. Attempts to go to a corresponding location in the real world and “contact” someone inside of Level 91 have been made, though most people attempting this have gone missing.

There is only one entity in Level 91, a mysterious shadowy figure who appears from a distance. They appear to wear some form of wide-brimmed hat, though nothing else about them can be identified. This entity stalks whoever is lost in the level, and it is widely believed that seeing the entity is a

Entrances And Exits:

Level 91 can be entered by jumping into the watery pits of Level 8, although it is a random chance that you will actually enter Level 91, as it is also possible to simply be killed by the hands that infest the waters. It is unknown why Level 91 is so hard to enter or what it’s connection to Level 8 is.

It is relatively easy to leave Level 91 by travelling far into Level 91 and no clipping through the ground.

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