Level 907
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Last known image of Level 907.

Level 907 was the 908th Level of the Backrooms.


As of 9/03/2019, Level 907 does not exist. The space in which the Level once occupied is completely devoid of matter, light, gravity, and time. If anything alive was inside of Level 907 when the Paxel event happened, it is no longer alive. Left over drones in the area captured images of a green, gaseous-looking substance residing within the void, before losing connection.

The Paxels

While there has been no direct confirmation of this, it is assumed (See Archive ????; below) that a group called The Paxels is somewhat responsible for the destruction of this Level. What this group is, and what their intentions are, is currently unknown.

Entrances and Exits:

Since there is no possible way to enter, or exit, this Level, in any instance where you would normally enter this Level, you will end up in Level 908.


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