Level 900
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Photo of the approximate halfway point between the starting point and exit of Level 900.

Level 900 is the 901st Level of the Backrooms. There are currently two known exits on this Level that are difficult, but not impossible, to reach.


Level 900 appears as an abnormally large, yet finite, mattress store. The width of this Level is similar to that of a regular Frontrooms mattress store, however, the length of this Level is approximately 800 kilometers (~500 miles) from front to back. Though mattresses are the most common furniture type, the store also contains bedding, pillows, bedframes, shelves, and nightstands.

The store itself is consistently well-lit by fluorescent lighting from the ceiling. Occasionally, nightlights and stuffed animals have been spotted throughout Level 900. Wanderers who have entered this Level have also reported smelling lavender and camomile in the air. The source of this fragrance is currently unknown. Additionally, the walls of this Level are adorned with dreamcatchers1 of varying shapes, colours, and sizes.

No matter what entrance you use to access this Level, you will always end up at the exact center of Level 900. In other words, if a wanderer were to attempt to reach either exit from the starting point, the journey would take them 3 days by foot. Wanderers have observed that the farther they travel from the center of Level 900, the fewer mattresses with bedding, pillows, stuffed animals, nightlights, and dreamcatchers there will be. Mattresses near the edges of the Level have been reported to look notoriously uncomfortable or unkempt with a notable lack of blankets or pillows.


An instance of a mattress with proper bedding near the center of Level 900.

Although Level 900 does not pose any obvious threat to wanderers, it seems to possess an anomalous property of making wanderers more lethargic than normal. However, some wanderers insist that the 3-day journey is responsible for the fatigued feeling rather than the Level itself.

Despite how fatigued you may feel, it is highly recommended that you do not fall asleep beyond the immediate starting area of Level 900. If you willingly fall asleep on any mattress that lacks bedding, you will awake to find that you have been transported to the center of the Level once again. Falling asleep on a mattress with bedding will prevent such an occurrence from happening, thus, saving the travel progress you have made. Sleeping within this Level will always result in a wanderer feeling well-rested and completely refreshed if they manage to wake up.

Wanderers who have passed through Level 900 reported that they heard a lullaby being sung along with a music box from time to time. It is assumed that the sole entity of Level 900 is responsible for such a song based on their mouth movements. Efforts to record the androgynous singing voice have yet to be successful but lyrics and the music box melody have been documented.



Tucker is the only known entity of Level 900 who has only been sighted a handful of times. They are a horned bipedal sheep-goat hybrid that is approximately 7ft tall (not including their horns). The name "Tucker" originates from the lavender bathrobe they wear in which "Tucker" is embroidered with yellow thread on the upper left side. Tucker's eyes seem to lack any pupils and appear to give off a gentle glow similar to that of a nightlight.

Currently, little is known about Tucker, other than the fact that they seem to be a passive entity responsible for the lullaby heard on Level 900. Due to their imposing size and mysterious nature, most wanderers who have encountered Tucker have actively tried to avoid them out of caution. However, a M.E.G. Operative with the alias "Sheppard" or "Shepp" has taken the initiative to study Tucker and report his findings.

Bases, Communities, and Outposts

Due to the nature of this Level, there are no known bases, communities, or outposts on this Level.

Entrances And Exits:


There is a small chance for a wanderer to enter Level 900 if they are sleep deprived and unintentionally pass out due to exhaustion. Alternatively, there is an even smaller chance that a wanderer may enter Level 900 by entering a mattress store on Level 11.


Level 900 currently only has two known exits. The first is located outside of the store's front entrance and can be located by following exit signs along with arrows on the walls. Because of these provided directions, this is the most common exit taken by wanderers who enter Level 900. Meanwhile, the second exit leads to the back entrance of the store and is in the opposite direction of the store's arrows.

The Front Exit

The first of Level 900's exits picturing one of the many storefront variants.

Once you exit the front doors of the mattress store, you will find yourself on a city street that lacks any vehicles or signs of life. Despite this, however, the area will sound similar to a typical city during a morning rush hour. Vehicles honking their horns, chattering civilians, and buskers are commonly heard here.

Doors to buildings in this area are always inaccessible and attempting to leave this particular street will result in a wanderer being teleported back to the mattress store's storefront. Additionally, the storefront itself will vary in appearance but will always represent a pre-existing mattress store that can be found in the Frontrooms.

Wanderers will also notice a distinct smell of coffee upon exiting the mattress store which will instantly revitalize any fatigued wanderer. Following this scent will lead you to a fully stocked coffee cart that appears to be left unattended. Exiting Level 900 can be accomplished by preparing and drinking a cup of coffee from this cart.

The Level you end up on after finishing the beverage entirely depends on how you prepared your coffee as noted with the following variations:

  • Decaf: Back to the starting point of Level 900
  • 3 or more milk: Seemingly random
  • 2 cream: Seemingly random
  • 2 cream, 2 sugar: Seemingly random

Further testing of other combinations is currently underway.

The Back Exit

The second of Level 900's exits picturing the mattress used to leave this Level.

Upon exiting the back doors of the mattress store, you will find yourself in a gated area parallel to a normal city street. Unlike the first exit of this Level, this area is significantly quieter with only the sound of distant vehicles to be heard. The faint smell of cigarette smoke has also been reported by wanderers who have made it to this exit.

Wanderers will find a dishevelled-looking mattress, a broken lamp, two pillows, and a dingy blanket within the confines of the gated area. To exit Level 900 from here, you must sleep on the aforementioned mattress. Wanderers who do so will find themselves in Level 11 when they wake up.

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