Level 90
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Heyyy! We spiffied up the place pretty well, don't you think?

Level 90 is the 91st Level of the Backrooms. It's a newly renovated house— we made it just for you!


So, like, listen, Level 90 used to be real bad. And we mean real bad. But don't worry— our team got straight to work to make it a great, wonderful, habitable place for you! It's a huge house— two floors, a pretty big attic, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, tons of space for you to safely put all your things! Great improvement from the ol' torture labyrinth it used to be.

There used to be a huge Death Rat infestation in here— but again, you don't need to worry! Our amazing exterminator guy got the job done. You wouldn't have ever been able to tell it was there in the first place! We're actually all pretty proud of the job we've done here. We hope you can appreciate it too!

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

  • So there isn't really anybody here… yet. Until now! We're having trouble selling the place because of its old reputation… But we promise it's not that bad anymore! We even installed an air conditioner… It's… In shambles currently, but we're working on it!
  • You could maybe invite your friends, family here too… Really, as long as someone means well, we don't care that much who stays here.

Entrances And Exits:


Don't think about it too hard. Just uhh… We don't know, think about 'home'. Some cheesy stuff like that, and then hopefully you'll find your way here eventually! We know you'll come around soon enough.


Ah, well, we tried. But we won't stop you from leaving if you really don't want the place. There's an exit near the old oak tree in the backyard. You can come back anytime you'd like, though!

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