Level 9
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The Empty Roads of Level 9.


A picture of a House in Level 9.

Level 9 is the 10th Level of The Backrooms, it seems to be an infinite Suburban Area.


Level 9 is a very dark level, like Level 6, with almost the same amount of insanity-inducing effects on the mind. Level 9 appears to have no visible sky/ceiling/barrier but further testing and exploration will have to be noted of before making too many assumptions. Level 9 was discovered by u/Bart0nius after he fell through the floor on Level 8. The information here is as said by Bart. However, Bart discovered that Level 8 and Level 9 were both parts of a dream that he'd been in, and as such, it is a possibility that both levels do not exist. Level 9 is said to be a large middle-class suburban neighborhood. And wandering more than 100 to 200 miles could be the entrance of Level 11. There is a Group of Entities in this level called The Neighborhood Watch. Survivors that have attempted exploration into Level 9 have reported new types of Entities wandering other than The Neighborhood Watch through the streets of Level 9 such as the 100-meter tall observer, but no true credible source can be documented.

Colonies And Outposts

There are no known Colonies or Outpost on this level

Original Post:

This was a post made by "u/Bart0nius" after he fell through the floor on Level 8. Here is what it reads:

"I fell through the floor."

"I sunk down and landed in an unfamiliar place. There were no spiders, but I still felt like I was being watched. Around me, there was a street, houses, and dead trees everywhere. My head felt, and still feels… fuzzy. Like TV static in my brain. I lost consciousness but apparently had an outburst, according to Centurion. I was talking about death, pain, weakness… all kinds of awful things."

"Level 9 is Level 6 on crack. I can tell there are going to be Things, but the effects on sanity are bad. Almost, ALMOST as bad as Level 6."

Entrances And Exits:

You can fall through the floor randomly in Level 8 to get here, or you can break the lower windows in Level 87 and fall down to enter here.

To exit, one must travel 100-200 miles along either direction of the roadways to end up in Level 11.

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