Level 890
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Class 1

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The only image of Level 890 as of now, taken by u/Theonerule.

Level 890 is the 891st level of The Backrooms.


There is almost no information on Level 890. The room is filled with random furnaces, some of the furnaces have black handprints. The level has no visible shape, and makes you feel as if you are going in circles. The floor is composed of smooth concrete. There are no full-fledged walls, but there are broken support walls that were originally covered completely in plaster and wallpaper. Most of the plaster and wallpaper have broken off to reveal the wooden support beams inside. The only lighting is some electrical lights above the furnaces.


There is one known entity at this level. It has no name, and all it does is repeat the numbers 8, 9, and 0, which is why the Level is known as Level 890.

Colonies and Outposts:

There are no known Colonies or Outpost on this level.

Entrances and Exits:


Do u/Theonerules Glitch

Enter a furnace in any level


Go into a furnace that is OFF. If the furnace is on then you will literally be cooked to death, if you're not stupid and go into a furnace that's off, you will see a glitch and be transported to Level 0

Fall through the ground to end up in Level 9

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