Level 88
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A picture of Level 88.

Level 88 is the 89th level of the Backrooms.


Level 88 has the appearance of a hotel corridor that seems to stretch to infinity both ways. The walls are always light brown, has a dim but constant lighting and new smelling carpets. The level is characterized by having a pair of doors every approximately 7 meters. Most of the time these doors lead to common rooms with little or no furniture, Dullers are relatively common in them so it is not recommended entering unless there is something of value inside. Some of the things that have been found in these rooms are knives, lamps, and Royal rations. These however are not the only rooms that are worth entering there are also a series of special rooms that you can access through this level.

Despite what you may think, these rooms do not adapt to the 7-meter space between doors, they can have a great variety of sizes that can even exceed the sizes imposed by the corridor itself.

Special Rooms

  • Extinguisher Room: The main feature of this room is of course the fire extinguisher, inside there is a round table on whose top you can see a fire extinguisher illuminated by a ray of light that seems to come from nowhere. On the table itself there is a small plaque that reads: "Not for the strongest, nor for the most ingenious, but for the most trickster", none of the attempts to move both the fire extinguisher and the table itself have been successful.
  • Fluffy: This is reminiscent of the padded rooms present in mental sanatoriums, it is a very comfortable place and can be used to take small breaks, you should not spend a lot of time in it, you may not wake up.
  • The Lab: The interior of this room is a drastic change compared to the standard, the walls are concrete gray and everything is illuminated by a powerful light in the ceiling. The approximately 10 x 12 meter site is packed with metal tables, chalkboards and shelves. The room in general presents a neglected atmosphere with pipettes, test tubes and broken syringes everywhere there are also books, but they are written in an undeciphered language. Reviooks have been reported here so it is not recommended entering.
  • Wooded: This room has the appearance of a forest at night, spruce pine trees are very abundant making it difficult to move through this room. The further you go into it, regardless of the direction, it will "pass time", making the sky clear up little by little until morning. From this point the space between the trees will have increased and you will find yourself at Level 63.
  • The bedroom: The place is very well decorated, paintings, furniture and mirrors all with gold ornaments. In the center is a large bed, lying on it will produce an indescribable feeling of rest. However, you should never sleep here, because it is a trap. Under the bed a large group of Smilers wait for you to fall asleep.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known bases or outposts on this level.

Entrances And Exits:


This level can be accessed through Level 13, for this you must find a corridor that does not seem to end, when walking towards the style of the walls it will begin to change and you will find yourself in this level. The doors of Level 156 and Level 356 have a chance to lead to this level.


To exit, you must find a door with a "EXIT" signal above. These doors will lead you to Level 11 or Level 33. You can also exit through the forest of the wooded room, which leads you to Level 63.

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