Level 87
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Level 87 is the 88th level of the backrooms.


The boat of Level n.


Level 87 is a large pirate ship in the middle of a cavern. It floats on about 10 feet of water, and the entire level is enclosed in limestone.

The Lower Deck


When you first enter the level, you will find yourself in the bowels of the ship with a large quantity of gold and jewels. Many explorers of Level 87 will attempt to take as much as possible. However, oftentimes the treasure will be laced with tripwires. Removing it will trigger these wires, or a weight sensor if you managed to cut the tripwires, causing the floor to open up beneath you.1

The Upper Deck


This is the main part of the ship, also known as "The Poop Deck". (There is no poop here, this is just how this part of ships are traditionally named.) Here, you can find barrels of Almond Water, although they are labeled as "Th' Best Rum in th' Seven Seas". You can get here by taking the stairs in The Lower Deck.

The Crow's Nests


The Crow's Nests are a collection of small scouting platforms near the top of the ship, among the sails. Bottles of Almond Water can occasionally be found here.

The Crow's Nests extend far enough to allow wanderers to touch the ceiling of the cave. The M.E.G. is currently using this opportunity to investigate the properties of the limestone. So far, they have found a few fossils embedded into the ceiling, although they match no known entity or animal.

Colonies and Outposts:

"Th' Scurvy Landlubbers"

"Th' Scurvy Landlubbers" are a group of six (6) wanderers2 who have dedicated their lives to finding a way to steal the treasure from The Lower Deck. They live in The Crow's Nests and will ignore any other wanderers who arrive in Level n.


The Upper Deck is home to the Faomeas, the sole entities of this level.
Faomeas are 2-foot-tall macaques wearing stereotypical pirate garb. They are almost always holding a small cutlass, although these are incredibly blunt and cannot cause any harm. If a Faomea spots a wanderer, it will run at them, screeching loudly, and begin attacking their ankles with their cutlass.3 If you give a Faomea some almond water, it will be tamed, and will follow you around from then on.

Entrances and Exits:


You can get to this level by going on a pirate-themed ride in Level 32.


Triggering the trap in The Lower Deck drops you to Level 0 from an extreme height, approximately 50 feet. Therefore, use of this exit is not recommended.

Jumping off the side of the ship from The Upper Deck will bring you to Level 59.

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