Level 87
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Level 87 is the 88th Level of the Backrooms. It was discovered in May of 2004 by an unknown wanderer.


The only known image of Level 87. The photographers' location is unknown.


Level 87 consists of hallways which are miles long, similar to Level 21. Each of these hallways has locked doors lining them, and every few miles it is possible to find a table. These will usually have a key on them and less often a bag of potato crisps or Almond Water. Specific types of keys can open specific types of locks. Although they seem to be random, there is a finite number of locks and keys and they are usually color, number, or letter coded. If you see a door with glitter on it, it's our party! =)

The strangest property of this Level is that time seems to be non-linear. Although it is uncommon, wanderers report seeing past or future versions of themselves for a short while before simply disappearing. Interacting with your past or future selves isn't too difficult but can be risky. If you do, it is possible to give your past or future selves items and things to survive. The way paradoxes solve themselves is by creating an infinite time loop that past versions of you are stuck in. Wanderers may see themselves anywhere from 5 minutes to a few years in the past or future. It is advised to be careful in these situations. These time anomalies will not occur all the time.

Be very wary of interacting with past or future selves because they may attempt to harm or kill you. If you end up creating a paradox, for example, killing your past self, the Gearmaker will intervene. What happens to you is unknown so do not attempt to do this.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Due to the nature of this Level, there are no known Bases, Outposts or Communities on this Level.


No known entities have been reported in this Level, and wanderers can seemingly never find other people.

Do's and Don'ts


  • Keep looking for an escape.
  • Keep opening doors.
  • Keep looking for keys, food, and water.


  • Try to kill or harm your past or future self.
  • Waste time.
  • Try to interact with another wanderer if you see one. They are probably not human and this could lead to unforeseen consequences as it may be a past or future version of an entity.

Entrances And Exits:


You can sometimes enter this Level by no-clipping through a door on Level 21. Wanderers report entering a random house in Level 9 as an entrance, but this has not been confirmed.


Rarely, some doors will lead to other Levels. This is the only confirmed way to escape, although some have claimed to no-clip through a door to end up in Level 119.

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