Level 853
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Class 4

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“Intrepid explorers wandering the Backrooms may find themselves greeted with a familiar-looking set of halls and the harsh smell of cleaning supplies. While seemingly innocuous like many similar levels, Level 853 will leave one desperately trying to escape roving bands of entities as the lights of the level deactivate when a wanderer seeks even a moment of respite.”



[Photo of Level 853, the back of the photo has the word "Atlas" written on it.]

Mired with a putrid green carpet and aging yellow walls, Level 853 winds through seemingly endless hallways riddled with dead ends and branching paths. The M.E.G. has theorized that the level loops, making its size seem much larger than it is. In reality, this Backrooms level is estimated to be about 25 square miles. The carpet has been reported to have random puddles of water and cleaning solution, resulting in the overpowering scent of chemicals and a hint of mildew in some areas of the level. There are no windows, yet the ambient sound of howling wind can be heard on this level as well as an occasional creaking sound that emanates from below the floor. The doors on this level merely open into pitch-black inlets that only lead a few feet in. Opening random doors is ill-advised as they often house extremely hostile Smilers.

It is nearly impossible to consistently navigate this level as the room numbers are random, to the point where they will change if you look away from their engraved plates. Furthermore, any attempts to mark the walls or leave any sort of breadcrumb trail will result in the wanderer hearing distant scraping noises. Upon returning, the area will have returned to its original state. There are many exit signs, however, none of them lead to an actual exit and most of them simply denote a dead end. The chemical scent from some of the puddles can reportedly leave one feeling dizzy and disoriented, which only makes the frequent entity encounters on this level more challenging. When not being attacked, explorers of this level have reported the feeling of being watched, potentially through the peepholes on the doors.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level.

The Lights of Level 853

It is recommended that explorers come to this level with ample food and Almond Water. The floor contains no supplies or amenities and doors generally lead to more entities. The lights flick on and off with human motion, specifically running. This means a wanderer must be moving constantly at a brisk pace lest the lights turn off. The whole level becomes near pitch-black, save for the flickering green glow of the exit signs whose light barely reaches the floor. Once submerged in darkness, Smilers may open the doors and swarm resting or tired explorers. Dullers may also clip through walls and doors in the dark. Wandering entities can still move freely while the lights are off and the lights can take up to 20 seconds to reactivate, so it is highly advised that anyone on this level should immediately seek the exit. The exit can be accessed by opening a door with a static wall plate embossed with the number “351”. Entering that door always leads to Level 854.

  • Smilers will appear from doors not marked with a stable “351” wall plate.
  • Dullers and Hounds frequently roam the halls, often in large packs and regardless of whether the lights are on.

One can easily get cornered or overwhelmed in the dark. Once again, it is imperative that one seeks door “351” quickly to enter the next level.

Entrances And Exits


  • Betraying a Light Guide and following it while it flees through a level with hallways will lead to this level.
  • No-clipping through elevator floors can drop you into this level.


  • Entering door "351" immediately draws you into Level 854
  • Following a Light Guide through the halls of this level will bring one to Level 0

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