Level 84.1
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The Weeping Man, your chauffeur.

Planum 84.1 is a sub-planum of planum 84.


Planum 84.1 is the realm found by the Weeping Man. Unlike the others, the Weeping Man is free to move as it wishes. It brought you here to help it. The skulls and shells of those who have completed the transformation is all that's left to accompany the damned creature, incapable of its own transformation.

A pitiful thing it is, to see our kin discarded as it has been. One day, one of the organic beings of the level will let it out. It will be a rage-filled being, but it will be free at last. It waits at cliff's edge, crying on occasion. The tears change, from time to time. Blood, water, bone marrow. Oh, the soul inside it weeps, for what a glorious creation it will be once freed!

It must wait, however, for one so brave as to be its victor! The age of madness that will be released once it completes metamorphosis…

What a beautiful sight to behold.

Some try to climb into the shells of already-metamorphosed in a desperate attempt to get out. Some try to appeal to it, from far far away on the ground.

Some simply lay down on the ground and stare up at the sky, desperate for the howling wind and the screaming from the product of the process to end. Desperate to leave.

It pleads, cries, for anyone to let it out. Not even those trying to earn its favor are brave enough to free it.

Ah, ironic.



Entrances And Exits:


The only way to enter this planum is by the Weeping Man's will.


Free it.

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