Level 84
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Level 84, or better known as The Museum is the 85th level of the back rooms. It is a Unconfirmed Level. It displays the characteristics of an empty museum. Few rooms contain actual paintings and sculptures, yet said paintings are vacant of subjects and sculptures are defaced beyond recognition.


The Museum consists of a wide expanse of “exhibits”. There are placards that yield text in an archaic language. But nonetheless, a bystander can try to decipher what the rooms are supposed to hold. A room with red walls has about ten display cases sitting in dust. A long cream-colored room with hardwood has a singular standing wall and a few cluttered seats. The next room hasn’t been seen often since it is speculated that these rooms can shift while you stay in another. A room that has black walls has empty frames. Unlike the sparse empty paintings mentioned before, the frames have no canvas at all. Just barren frames that hang loosely on the charcoal walls. Most rooms have not been documented.

Colonies And Outposts

No colonies/outposts have been encountered at this time.

Entrances And Exits:

To Enter, Level 84 has only been known to be accessed through a special door in Level 5. The door has yet to be documented. To Exit, there is one frame in the black-walled has been said to look like it’s more of a hole than vacant space. Where it leads, no one knows. Yet.

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