Level 84
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Class unknown

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The whispers of the exalted cannot reach you in the dark.

Planum 84 is the 85th planum of the Backrooms.


Planum 84 is calm and quiet. Planum 84 is home to smooth, chiseled, marble mutilations.

Planum 84 contains a low buzzing sound. It's not from the lights.

The quiet hum of conversation creates a symphony that's impossible to ignore, a chorus remaining unintelligible.

Should you find a statue that is quiet, unmoving, still as stone? Speak with it. Let it teach you of the horrors of the beginning and end. If it begins to break or erode, leave. You are unwelcome for metamorphosis.



Entrances And Exits:


Finding a chunk of our flesh, our marble, in any other planum may bring you here. You may enter from planum 18, if you try hard enough.


If the gentle hum of speaking becomes too much, as it has for so many, you may leave spontaneously. If you turn off the breaker, we'll let you leave through the door we reserve for the champions of the darkness. Assisting a single one of us through metamorphosis may grant you an early exit.

Should you have seen the Weeping Man, there's no way for you to run anymore. You will be found in the adjacent planum, 84.1.

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