Level 831
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The ruined laboratory of Level 831.

Level 831 is the 832nd Level of the Backrooms. It resembles a heavily damaged biological research laboratory.


The explorable area of Level 831 consists of a cross-shaped hallway blocked at three ends by piles of rubble and a large laboratory area accessible through a destroyed double door. The laboratory shows heavy signs of both fire and explosive damage, with most of its machinery and furniture damaged beyond repair.

Identifiable items from the laboratory include:

One poster of the human genome, damaged by fire, but partly readable. It shows 27 chromosomes instead of the more commonly known 23.

One heavily burned book, the only legible words on the cover being "Pr[ac]tica[l G]enetic Enhanceme[nt.]"

A row of five tanks, approximately human-sized, with the remains of cable hookups attached. All have been shattered, but the glass of one shows signs of being broken from the inside rather than from an external blast.

Various chemical containers, none with an intact enough label to identify. They have been deemed unsafe to be kept out in the open and stored in separate cabinets to avoid dangerous reactions.

Two computer terminals, damaged too heavily to boot. Salvaged components show manufacture dates from Earth years 2064-2068.

One armoured storage container, marked with the logo of the Unbound Explorers Coalition. Its lock has been broken off, the metal twisted with great force until it snapped. Inside of the storage container were these objects:

  • One computer terminal capable of booting to an OS prompt, sent to Base Beta for repair and information recovery.
  • One handwritten note, reproduced at the end of this page.

Two identifiable sets of human remains were found in the laboratory. Both had MEG ID Cards, damaged beyond readability by fire. After initial explorations were completed, they were turned over to Team Angels of Death.

The rubble piles have proven too dense to be moved or destroyed by hand, and the use of firesalt-based explosives to clear them has been suspended indefinitely after initial tests caused further cracking in the walls and ceiling.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities:

No Bases, Outposts, or Communities have been found in the explorable area of Level 831.

Entrances And Exits:

  • A bunker entrance can appear by the side of the highway of Level 817. It is made of concrete with a steel door, the latter warped to the point its locking mechanism no longer functions.
  • A door marked "Lab Access" with its doorknob torn out can be found in Level 103.
  • Non-MEG explorers have reported entering Level 831 through Level 141, but these reports are unverified.
  • The only known way to exit Level 831 is through a door marked with an exit sign near the rubble opposite from the laboratory, which connects to the entrance the individual used.

Recovered Material:

The following error message was recovered from the salvaged terminal.

Reproduced here is the letter found inside the container.

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