Level 83
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Level 83 is the 84th level of the backrooms. It was discovered by a backrooms enthusiast who recorded his journey on Discord.


Level 83 appears to be some kind of highschool. There are many classrooms around it, which all are for their respective subjects. There are also 3 science labs and a large room where students could normally hang out in during their freetime, which was given the name "The Freezone". In the Freezone, there are some vending machines that offer some snacks and almond water for backrooms explorers. Outside the school, there is a football pitch, a canteen area that also has some food, a basketball court, an amphitheatre and a tennis court. However, the most noteworthy room in Level 83 is The Hall. The Hall is huge. There are countless seats all arranged in an orderly fashion, and at the very end, there is a wall clock which always is stuck at the time 15:30, and a projector, which if it is turned on, will show a powerpoint of pictures of the school with many students AND teachers in random locations, either doing lessons, playing games or doing some events. In the hall, there is a suspicious sound of people walking in and sitting down, even though no one is there.

Level 83 is entirely devoid of entities except Clickers, which are not hostile whatsoever.

Colonies And Outposts

The Dropped

The Dropped are made up of about 20 people, and are friendly to backrooms explorers. They mostly hang out outside in the bleachers of the football pitch, talking and sharing stories.

The Squad

Another friendly team of about 10 people, they are all close friends who like moving around Level 83 and making up random episodes of a series they made up to have some fun among all the other dangerous backrooms levels.

Entrances And Exits:


To enter, no-clip through any of the walls in Level 52.


To leave, no-clip through the auditorium which leads you to Level 133 or find a door in The Freezone that leads you out to The Hub.

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