Level 826
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Class deadzone

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The sea of bones.

Level 826 is a level that can be accessed unpredictably during sleep.


Level 826 is a seemingly infinite pile of bones that forms a roughly flat plane. Most of these bones seem to be human, though there have been some reported sightings of skulls and bones from unknown entities. Wanderers should be careful when traversing the level, as bones often stick out from the ground, and the spaces between them can make it easy for a wanderer to trip or twist their ankle.

The sky in Level 826 is absent of any form of stars or cloud-cover and is completely pitch-black. Despite this, the level is still fairly well-lit by a colorless glow which lacks an origin point. The level is extremely hot and humid, to the point where some wanderers pass out or expire due to heatstroke. Decomposition and degradation rates are accelerated when in the level, so any food wanderers bring with them will quickly spoil, and any wanderers who perish in the level will be nothing but skeletons within a matter of days. After spending more than a week in the level, living wanderers will also begin to be affected by the decomposition effect as the rate of decay surpasses the rate of cellular regeneration.


The hand.

The only landmark that can be found within the level is an enormous, seemingly bottomless pit with a statue of a giant hand crafted out of stone emerging from it. The hand is attached at the wrist to a stone pillar that goes down into the pit. It is unknown where the pit leads or what would happen to anyone who fell in.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

Due to the conditions of the level and the unreliability of access, no communities or outposts can be established.

Entrances & Exits:

There is no known way to force an entrance to Level 826. Wanderers report rarely entering the level through their dreams. At which point, their sleeping body and all possessions on their person physically disappear for a period of 6-8 hours, after which the wanderer will return to the spot where they had been sleeping. Their time in Level 826 lasts much longer than that however; some wanderers have described themselves spending several days, or even weeks inside of the level. During the time spent in the level, the body will physically be present in it, so any injuries that are afflicted onto them during their time there will still be there when they return. Additionally, any photos, drawings, or writing from that time period stored on their person will also be brought back with them.

As you fall deeper into the abyss, a cacophony of voices fills your ears.

You can hear them calling towards you.

So many that you've forgotten.

So many that you left.

A world away.

A lifetime away.

Only a few stand out, stronger than the rest.


These are the ones you'll never forget.

Never stop mourning.

Never move on from.

You see their faces begging you to save them.


Is this Hell?

Is this Heaven?

You'll find out in time, but for now, you are just a visitor.

One form stands out from the sea of souls.

It's different from the rest.

While the others are just fragments of their former selves, this one is whole.

A caretaker.


It watches you without eyes, moving in ways you cannot comprehend.

The voices struggle to break free.

But they cannot return.

This is the conclusion for them.

But there is no end.

The figure moves closer to you.

You can feel it seeping into your soul.

Guiding it out.


You try to call to the voices, but they can no longer hear you.

You'll be with them soon enough.

You wake up.

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