Level 82
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Class 4

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A picture of the Entrance Hall

Level 82 is the 83rd Level of The Backrooms.


Level 82 is reminiscent of a very large mansion with different rooms, although many times they will correspond to its door, other times the door can take you to other levels, this property increases the further you go into the house. At the beginning the place is completely safe but the further you advance the number of entities that appear increases.

Right at the entrance to the level, a plaque is read in which the apparent owner of the mansion mentions the existence of a treasure, although its existence has not yet been proven, many wanderers have decided to accept the challenge.

"Welcome to my mansion wanderer, I'm sure you've been through a lot to get here so I think you're up to the challenge. Hidden here is my treasure more valuable than anything you can imagine, but don't think I made it easy for you, to get there you must overcome challenges that will test you in body and soul, so I will know that you are worthy of claiming it. I wish you the best of luck"

- The Philanthropist


Based on the information collected, the level can be divided into six different stages:

Entrance Hall: The beginning is seen as a well-lit common mansion, rooms, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms and bathrooms can be found, although they are usually looted and it is very difficult to find objects. Most of the doors will lead to their corresponding room although there is a very small chance that a door will lead you to Level 5.

Flickering Rooms: You will know that you have reached this stage if the lights begin to flicker also, the rooms will look more neglected, dust and dirt will gradually be more visible. In addition, the less dangerous entities will begin to appear although they will be rare, the most common are Deathmoths and Death Rats. The doors begin to lead to other levels such as Level 0 and Level 1

Wooden Palace: In this stage the natural light will go completely giving the sensation of being at night, the walls will begin to be of wood covered with wallpaper that will be torn in certain areas, unlike in the previous stages the lighting will be by means of candles. which can be turned off by oneself or by other entities. From here Facelings and Smilers will be more common. During this stage all the doors will lead to their respective places.

Whispering Hallways: From here, the lights will go completely, making the use of a flashlight essential, the wallpaper will be completely torn exposing the wooden walls, in addition whispers will be heard, according to witnesses these whispers will tell your worst fears, the things of the ones you regret the most and your deepest traumas. Here the doors will become a danger as many of them will send you to dangerous levels that include Level 27, Level 64 and Level 6 the only way to avoid these doors is to follow the sound of the whispers. In order to keep your sanity it is recommended to drink almond water in moderate periods of time.

Claustrophobic Corridors: Upon reaching this stage, the corridors and rooms will reduce their size to approximately 80 centimeters making it difficult to navigate between them. Here Hounds will become highly common although it can be easy to mislead them between the small corridors.

Judgement: According to the only subject who has reached this stage, this was the last phase before reaching the treasure, but he was not strong enough to overcome it. When the subject was urged to describe the place, he only repeated the words "Darkness, insanity and pain" in a loop.

Going further right now is unknown.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level.

Entrances And Exits:


You can enter this level by finding a mansion in The Mountain Village, Level 11 and Level 169.


The only known way to exit is through the special doors of this level, it is recommended to do it in the first stages because in this way the doors will lead to safer levels.

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