Level 817
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  • Safe
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  • Minimal entity count

Level 817 is the 818th Level of the Backrooms. It appears as a large roadside scrapyard in a desert area. It was discovered on 14/05/1998 by Frederick Kaiser, also known as "Rust Punk".


Most of the level is composed of a large desert, featuring little vegetation and plenty of massive dunes. Within the desert, however, lie a few notable areas, such as:


A picture depicting the Scrapyard.

The Scrapyard

Level 817's entry point and most distinct feature, The Scrapyard contains a myriad of items, such as car parts, home appliances, computer components, old video game consoles, and many others, some of which have never been seen before. It is common to see new items appear within the Scrapyard. It is theorized that these items originate from other levels, and in some cases, the Frontrooms.

The Scrapyard is home to the M.E.G.'s "Junkyard Dogs" outpost, as well as Frederick "Rust Punk" Kaiser, a man of German descent who spends his time tinkering with whatever scrap he finds interesting, often with spectacular results. He has spiky, long brown hair, and usually wears a red bandana with the words "Rock You" on it, a red and black vest, red boots, white jeans and a belt. Keeping a friendly relationship with Frederick is one of the M.E.G.'s priorities on this Level, as his knowledge of the Scrapyard's layout and contents is unrivaled.

Some of the items found on this area include:

  • Several electronic components, some of which do not resemble any human technology.
  • Various vehicle parts, most of them currently non-functional.
  • Broken Tesla coils, electrical generators, solar panels and wind turbines.
  • A plethora of malfuctioning home appliances.
  • Bullet casings of various shapes and sizes.
  • Fuel canisters.
  • Broken power tools.
  • A massive trans pride flag.
  • A set of six working computers.

Additionally, the following items were built by Frederick Kaiser:

  • An unfinished combat robot. According to him, it's an abandoned project.
  • A coffee-making printer that plays "At Doom's Gate" whenever it is powered on.
  • A telescopic chainsaw.
  • A working arcade cabinet with multiple games. According to Frederick, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +R is the most played game, as well as his favourite.
  • A power drill gauntlet.
  • A replica of Quake's rocket launcher, without ammunition.
  • A toolbox containing a myriad of different tools, some built by Frederick himself.
  • A washing machine capable of reaching 10,000 RPM.
  • A jet powered fridge, built "just to see what would happen".
  • A prototype hand-held railgun.
  • An abandoned, half-built helicopter.
  • Several wind turbines and solar panels, that power much of the machinery on the Scrapyard.
  • A pyroil-fueled, flame-spitting sword, dubbed "Fireseal".

The Scrapyard occupies only a small portion of Level 817’s desert landscape, which also features an asphalt road of unknown length, salt flats, and a rocky mountain area.

The Highway

A long, damaged stretch of highway road. There are no guard rails or road signs, and the road itself is full of cracks. Reaching either end of it will take you to Level 9. The Dust Devils plan to one day repair the road.

The Salt Flats

A large, flat salt desert. It's not uncommon to spot the Dust Devils racing their makeshift, pyroil-fueled vehicles in this area. Clumps can also be found here, although they pose little to no threat. They can be seen roaming the Salt Flats in search of Hiveminds to prey on.

Dragonskull Summit

The Dragonskull Summit is the name given by the Dust Devils to their home, in the mountains of Level 817. It features a complex cave system, with underground crop fields, subterranean rivers, firesalt mines, and some entities, most notably Hiveminds. It also contains an exit to Level 797. The cave system remains largely unexplored.

Bases, Outposts And Communities

M.E.G. Outpost - “Junkyard Dogs”

- Consists of six members, willing to take in volunteers, trade, and answer questions.
- They can usually be found tinkering with random items found in the Scrapyard.
- Their goals are to find and repair useful machines for the M.E.G., and to document Frederick's newest inventions.

The Dust Devils

- A group of 21 people who settled on the rocky mountains of Level 817.
- They grow their own food, and are willing to trade it for valuable scrap.
- They can usually be found building or repairing their cars, or racing down the salt flats.
- They maintain a friendly relationship with Frederick "Rust Punk" Kaiser, who supplies them with various parts and items in exchange for food and water.

Entrances And Exits:


Sometimes, one of the crates in Level 1 will contain scrap metal. Clipping through the crate will lead you to Level 817.
Entering the cave near The Dam in Level 797 will lead to the Scrapyard.


Clipping through one of the many metal walls in this Level may take you to Level 1.
Walking to either end of the highway will take you to Level 9.
Delving into the cave system of Dragonskull Summit may take you to Level 797 and, rarely, Level 75.

Additional Files:

The following note was sent to Frederick "Rust Punk" Kaiser by M.E.G. operative Axel Lowe.

'Sup, Kaiser! Been a while, huh? Sorry I couldn't drop by as often, you know how it is with the hotshots at the M.E.G., they always have another mission for us. You been doing good? The Dust Devils been bothering you? I heard the M.E.G. put a team there, the "Junkyard Dogs" or something like that. Go easy on 'em, okay? What about your projects? Still got that jet-powered fridge? I sure fucking hope so, that was fun to build. Man, I miss the Scrapyard, you can bet I'll visit as soon as I can. Write me back soon, you bastard, and take good care of yourself.

Rock on, Rust Punk!
Axel Lowe.

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