Level 81
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A picture taken from outside an office building within Level 81, showcasing a native horse.

Level 81 is the 82nd Level of The Backrooms. Level 81 is a large cluster of office buildings.


Level 81 consists of many different office-like buildings, similar to those found in The Frontrooms. The interiors of these buildings vary, but some common themes have been noted. The walls of Level 81 can vary in material from brick, to concrete, to wallpaper, and can appear in several colors such as light blue, dark green, and yellow. These walls may also vary in texture and design. Equally, the floors of Level 81 may appear as carpet, concrete, or occasionally laminate wooden slats. Lighting within Level 81 varies broadly; attempts to determine a manufacturer have proven futile. Light fixtures may flicker and can cause blackouts similar to those within Level 0 and Level 1. Despite these imperfections, Level 81 possesses a reliable power grid1, and by extension Wi-Fi. Windows are common and safe; no sightings of Entity 2 have been recorded as of yet.

When first entering Level 81, the Level will be unnaturally quiet. After wandering for a few hours, various animal noises may be heard, and it is possible to encounter animals by following such noises. Many animals from The Frontrooms can be encountered, such as horses, pigs, canines, felines, cattle, birds, etc. Potentially dangerous creatures, such as bears and lions, are also present, though it is advised Wanderers should not approach these animals. The leading theory concerning Level 81's large animal population, as proposed by M.E.G. Regiment "Compass Point", is that Level 81 is the "starting Level" for non-human creatures of The Frontrooms, in comparison to how Level 0 is the "starting Level" for humans. Despite the abundance of Frontrooms animals within Level 81, various Entities can also be encountered, such as Smilers, Skin-Stealers, Male Deathmoths, Dullers, Jerry and Hounds, although it is possible more Entities may inhabit the Level.

The overall structure and position of interiors within Level 81 is considered unnatural; various rooms have been observed clipping into other walls and generating attached vertical hallways that bend gravity accordingly. Some rooms may be filled with Almond Water, harbouring several forms of sealife. The windows of Level 81 project an outside area that can be entered, though this area shouldn't exist due to the mass of halls and rooms which should be obstructing it.

When outside of Level 81's office buildings, it is possible to view a long2, winding road. It is also possible to observe several of the animals present within buildings through windows. The outside area of Level 81 appears to emit a subtle green light, which when interacted with, directly or indirectly, causes all nearby animals to appear startled and retreat out of fear. The sky of Level 81 is dark and cloudy, and no stars or other celestial bodies such as the Moon are visible. Drone surveillance footage has captured many more buildings in the distance, however; attempting to reach these buildings will result in the offending individual arriving back at the main road.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

It is presumably possible to establish a settlement within Level 81, but it is not advised, and none currently exist. Evidence exists to show that The Lost may inhabit this Level for use as a hunting ground.

Entrances And Exits:


An office door found within one of Level 10's barns functions as a reliable entrance to Level 81, although the exact position of this door is fluctuant. In Level 4, a room filled with zoo advertisements can be encountered, which will transport individuals to Level 81 through unknown means. In Level 58, an animal themed playground can be encountered; interacting with any of the installments will open a hallway into Level 81. Any door labeled 204 within Level 21 will lead to Level 81 when opened. In Level 80, a shack labeled "81" in Little Houston serves as an entrance to Level 81. In Level 43, no-clipping into a zoo billboard will cause you to emerge in Level 81.


There are currently many methods of leaving Level 81. If a room filled with birds is encountered, you will be transported to Level 30. If a large opening in the outside area is found, entering it will lead you to Level 22. Entering a dark alleyway will cause you to emerge in Level 55. Occasionally, a door in Level 81 may take you to Level 0, Level 4, Level 37, or Level 62 without warning. Travelling through Level 81's native sewer system may lead to Level 34 or Level 41. Elevators within Level 81 may cause passengers to arrive within Level 64 or Level 65. A certain hallway in Level 81 is linked to Level 88, and will lead Wanderers there. Some of the concrete office rooms of Level 81 lead to the Type 2 concrete boxes of Level 170. Any attempts to no-clip will transport offending individuals to a random Negative Level.

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