Level 808
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Photo of a derelict house found on Level 808.

Level 808 is the 809th level of the Backrooms. While the level's existence was first confirmed by an unnamed Cartographer scout in 2010, rumors of a level that matches its description date back several dozen years further, potentially as far as the early 1700s.


Level 808 appears to be an outdoor environment resembling an evergreen forest, with a day/night cycle similar to that of the Frontrooms. The skies of Level 808 are completely overcast, rendering the level's "Sun" invisible, and causing low-light levels that limit visibility. Temperatures on the level rarely rise above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and the cold weather is aggravated by strong winds and regular snowstorms. Random derelict structures and debris can regularly be found scattered throughout the level, some of which containing food or supplies that can come in handy for wanderers.

When a single person or small group of individuals is left isolated on Level 808 for upwards of 12 hours, their immediate surrounding will start to modify itself to resemble or relate to events that have occurred in the individual's past, present, or future. These alterations can range from small items that the person needs or has lost, to large structures or other locales resembling places the individual has visited before (or will visit later), to hallucinatory creatures or figures that the person has encountered at some point in their life. These modifications seem to gravitate towards highly-emotional events or memories in an individual's life.

While Deathmoths have been regularly found nesting withing derelict structures on this level, and a few wanderers have reported Smiler attacks in especially dark areas, the level seems to be otherwise devoid of entities. Some wanderers have claimed that they've occasionally heard incoherent whispering in the distance, but the source of these sounds has yet to be discovered.

Colonies and Outposts

There are no known colonies or outposts on this level.

Entrances and Exits:


As of writing this document, the only known way of entering this level is via the fire exit door on Level 807.


You can exit this level by locating a narrow gravel path and following it for around 5-6 hours. Eventually, fog should start to enshroud you as you follow the path, and when it clears you should find yourself on Level 809. Alternatively, if you can find a building with a green "X" painted on the side, head down to the basement floor of the building and close the door behind you. Upon reopening the door, you should arrive in Level 813.

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