Level 807
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A photo of Level 807.

Level 807 is the 808th level of the Backrooms. Its existence was first discovered by a wanderer named Kosef Sturre2 while on an expeditionary mission for the Cartographers, claiming to have entered the location by accident when he toppled over a scarecrow on Level 103.


Level 807 resembles a derelict clothing store, containing brands of clothing recognizable from the Frontrooms. It’s estimated that this level is less than 1000 square miles in size. Most of the level is well lit, though there are no visible light fixtures anywhere in sight. The level seems to be at a constant temperature of exactly 43 degrees Fahrenheit, and gusts of cold wind can regularly be felt blowing throughout the level.4

The Level has a PA system with speakers running throughout the entire store. Exactly every 3 ½ minutes, a feminine voice can be heard over the PA system reading a line of 16 numbers. Each time they are read, the numbers decrease by 1 in value, as if counting down to something. As of writing this document, the numbers are: 0000000081340763.5

Entities are incredibly rare on this level, though individuals on this level are warned to stay aware of anyone around them, as the Entity “Capgras”6 has been reported to prowl this level on occasion. Vending machines can be found throughout this level, usually fully stocked with food items that have been proven safe for consumption. Water fountains can also be found dispensing Almond Water, usually adjacent to vending machines.

Colonies And Outposts

Cartography Station Undecimus:

  • The eleventh known base of operations belonging to the Cartographers.7
  • Situated at the only known entrance to Level 808.
  • Heavily guarded, yet welcoming.
  • Believed to have a population over 700.
  • Members regularly interrogate outsiders as to the whereabouts of missing Cartographer scouts.

Entrances And Exits:


It’s rumored that you can get here by toppling a scarecrow in the fields of Level 10. The easiest way to reach this level is to enter a clothing store on Level 11, or by breaking into a shuttered clothes outlet in Level 338.


To exit, you can head through the fire exit door guarded by Station Undecimus, and arrive on Level 808. Alternatively, you can enter a blue metal door to enter Level 815, climb into the ventilation system and crawl around until you drop into Level 826, or break open one of the display windows along the eastern wall of the Level, which will lead back to Level 339.

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