Level 800
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Level 800 is the 801st level of the Backrooms. This level is a large maze-like warehouse decorated with various clockwork apparatus.


Level 800 is a seemingly infinite warehouse that houses many clockwork-related structures and objects. This level's lighting creates a low yellow glow in each room, making it slightly difficult to see. The size and width of each room is unpredictable, and some rooms require you to walk up or down a flight of stairs or climb up and down low hanging chains.

Each room in Level 800 is situated neatly, as metallic pulleys, tubes, and machinery line the walls and ceilings. All of the machinery in the rooms are a bright gold color and shine in the light. The sound of multiple clocks ticking is heard when traversing through this level. This sound is heard at the same volume no matter how far you are inside of the level. Each room also has an overabundance of clocks, all being analog clocks. Each clock shows a different time, and none have been exactly the same style.

All of these clocks vary in size and shape, as clocks have been seen in shapes such as squares, triangles, trapezoids, octagons, and other strange shapes that seem to exhibit non-Euclidean geometry. Level 800 is capable of changing its shape to confuse Wanderers inside of the level. The following list is the most common transformations for Level 800:

  • A seemingly infinite hallway that begins to shrink towards one end until it can no longer be traveled through, ending with a small hole. When looking through this hole, the ringing of a clock tower can be heard through the other end.
  • A massive square-shaped room with over 900 branching paths.
  • A tall vertical room that resembles the inside of a grandfather clock that appears to stretch for miles.
  • A small cramped hallway with multiple square-shaped windows that wraps around in a circle, leading the Wanderer back to the entrance of Level 800. On the other side of these windows is a pitch black space. This area is where Windows manifest.

Entities that can appear in Level 800 are Clinker Toys, Hounds and

The following document is an exploration log of the discovery of Level 800. The two wanderers who discovered this level are still missing.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known Communities or Outposts on this Level.


There are only two known entrances to Level 800.

  • Climbing into one of the open ventilation ducts in Level 1 leads to Level 800.
  • Breaking open one of the walls in Level 356 will take you to Level 800.


  • Breaking open and entering any of the windows in Level 800 will take you back to Level 0.
  • Removing any of the large circular shaped clocks and entering the remaining hole will take you to Level 808.
  • Climbing the pendent inside of the vertical "grandfather clock" room will reveal a wooden door that will take you to The End.
  • When moving to the end of the level, the lighting will get darker until a spotlight revealing a large vertical drop is seen. One can climb down this drop via a low-hanging chain hanging over the drop. The drop appears to go down approximately 3 miles until it stops with a brick floor. Ahead is a small hallway and a door with a flashing "EXIT" sign above it. This door will take you to Level 801.

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