Level 80
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Picture illustrating Level 80's long road. The identity and fate of the photographer is unknown.

Level 80 is the 81th Level of the Backrooms. It is a long road, and resembles the american Midwest. It reaches temperatures of 124 degrees Fahrenheit, or 51 degrees Celsius.


Level 80 is a long road in the desert of the american Midwest. The sweltering heat of Level 80 makes it dangerous to travel in during the day, reaching 124 degrees Fahrenheit, or 51 degrees Celsius. However, at night, Level 80 can reach 67 degrees Fahrenheit, making the weather the most dangerous part of Level 80.

Level 80 has very few entities. The bodies and skeletons of many entities can be found rotting on the side of the road with the meat ripped off the bone. The only living entities are usually Smilers living in packs. This is most likely because of Coyotes living in Level 80. It is theorized that Coyotes were transported to the Backrooms and made their way into Level 80, where they breed and eventually populated Level 80 as an invasive species. The Coyotes are farmed for meat regularly, and can also be trained for fighting Smilers.

Level 80 is 2448 miles long and has many landmarks that resemble Route 66. These landmarks usually serve as places to rest, scavenge for supplies, and lower sanity. There are usually vending machines at these landmarks containing Almond Water.

Colonies And Outposts

Little Houston

  • Founded by Sam Longhorn.
  • Contains the only exit of Level 80.
  • Resembles a western town from the Wild West.
  • Has a Saloon, Gun store, Coyote Farm, Bath house, and an oasis made of Almond Water.
  • The Saloon has a keg of beer that never runs out.
  • Founded near the Vega Motel.

Camp Heinz

  • Based at the largest Catsup bottle in the world landmark.
  • The bottle is actually a water tower that holds Almond Water.
  • Camp Heinz is a large trading hub.
  • Camp Heinz has a Coyote farm and a small cannery that makes Canned Coyote from Coyote meat.

Entrances And Exits:


Level 80 can be entered from Level 79 by exiting through a fire exit.


Level 80 can be exited through the shack labeled "81" in Little Houston.

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