Level 8.1

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Note: This page has been partially expunged due to an unexpected, unsystematic, total collapse and destruction of Level 8.1. Because of an inadvertent fusion of this sublayer and Level 8 whose effect was first witnessed on February 12th, 2013, a separate document is to be shown to the general public that overviews the potential hazards that the collision and destruction has consequently caused. These environmental hazards in Level 8 are only prone to occur near the initial entrance of Level 8.1 before it was destroyed.

- The Major Explorer Group (M.E.G)

Last changed: 12-15-2017

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    "Layer 2" refers to the physical space existing at the intersection between the two dimensions of Level 8 and the sublayer2. This region is often described to be a self-similar version of Level 8.1 with a subtle, conglomerate appearance of Level 8 without the presence of distortions that are frequently seen in the first layer. The auditory abnormalities of screaming and whimpering are noticeably more distinct and can frequently be perceived without discerning it through the resonance of tangible mediums. The reason for the heightened amplitude of these sounds is unknown; however, it is widely hypothesized to be the cause of the overall area existing in closer proximity to the indeterminate source of these negative frequencies.


    Narrow hallway resembling cave systems.

    The second layer of Level 8.1 features long, echoing hallways, that in contrast to the first layer, don't contain any recognizable light source. A red substance whose texture is similar to the fluid found on the first layer constantly leaks in high volumes from the stalactites causing noticeable puddles to form on negatively curved surfaces. Due to the commodious and impenetrable structure of Layer 2, noises and other audio can easily be distinguished from distant locations; however, determining local hazards is reported to be impossible as the amplitude of sound remains eminently consistent. The number of entities and what type exists within the second layer cannot be announced due to there being no official or authorized information on this subject.

    Currently, as of October 4th, 2017, there have been no reported instances of people escaping the narrow cave systems due to no inherent openings nor distortions found on the second layer along with the unnatural toughness of the structure. All information gathered from wanderers has been sent through a method of analog communication via the use of certain devices. In theory, presumed by travelers and personnel from specific foundations, there exists a third layer beyond the bedrock walls of layer 2; however, there has been no documentation of anyone being able to phase through to that space.

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