Level 797
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A picture depicting the forest path in Level 797.

Level 797 is the 798th Level of the Backrooms. It is a long forest path that features rock formations with caves and holes that can be entered, often leading to other levels. Information on this level is scarce, given that it has been discovered recently.


Level 797 resembles a rocky mountain path with plenty of vegetation. As mentioned before, there are several rocks around the path, some of which feature holes that can take wanderers to other levels. The forest around the path is dense and remains undocumented. It should be avoided, as to prevent any adverse effects the vegetation may have.

Level 797 isn't infinite, but it is vast, stretching far beyond what the eye can see. Some wanderers have reported that the path seems to shift, though this has yet to be confirmed. Regardless, mapping the level has proven to be a difficult task, but a necessary one for creating a permanent base or outpost on this level.

There is a day and night cycle in this level, similar to that of the Frontrooms. The weather is always cloudy, sometimes with a little fog, wind or rain. Temperatures range from 14-20 degrees Celsius.

The path features a few notable areas, which are listed below.

Notable Locations:

The Dam:


A picture of The Dam, taken through a hole in the fence.

A seemingly abandoned dam that can be accessed by walking along the main path. The entire facility is locked, surrounded by a metal fence, and remains unexplored. As such, it is currently unknown if the dam is operational, if there are any entities or objects present inside, and where the water comes from.

The Forest Outpost:


The only picture of The Forest Outpost.

A small, one floor white house, with two rooms, located approximately one kilometer away from the Dam. It has electricity, potable water and working home appliances, as well as a seemingly endless amount of supplies. Among the supplies found were:

  • Various types of food, such as nuts, crackers, unbranded chips, and various vegetables.
  • Water.
  • First-aid equipment.
  • Nails and screws.
  • Post-it notes.
  • Tools.
  • Office supplies.
  • Musical Instruments
  • Drawing material.

The Forest Outpost currently serves as a resting spot for wanderers.

The Bay:

The Bay is an unconfirmed location that is rumored to be at the end of the path. The M.E.G. is currently investigating this location. We apologize for the lack of information.


No entities have been documented on this Level as of now.

Bases, Communities And Outposts:

There are no known Bases, Communities or Outposts on this level, but due to its conditions, establishing one is possible. As such, there are various plans for the creation of bases on Level 797.

Additional Images:

Entrances And Exits:


Now is not the time… tick-tock, tick-tock…


You can exit this level by entering one of the many holes in the walls. Each hole will take you to a different Level. Levels that you can exit to from Level 797 include:
- Level 10
- Level 39
- Level 75
- Level 84
- Level 134
- Level 140
- Level 155
- Level 170
- Level 300
- Level 420
- Level 480
- Level 743 (Unconfirmed.)
- Level 817

The list of exits is still being documented, and not ready for publishing just yet. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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