Level 79
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A window of Level 79's tower, overlooking the field.

Level 79 is the 80th Level of the Backrooms. The level contains a building that is similar to a watch tower.


Level 79 consists of a 100m square field of grass, with a watch tower in the center. When looking at the building from the outside, it has 2 floors and is a few meters off the ground. There are a set of stairs at the side that can be used to get in the tower itself. The place is in good condition, but it seems that is has not been used for a few years.

The building contains the useful things a normal house would have, a small kitchen, living room, a bedroom at the second floor and a dry toilet on ground level. The second floor has multiple mattresses, which can be slept on. The kitchen tap is a source of Almond Water too.

About 100 meters from the front of the building, a wheat field starts. It is impossible to reach because the grass right before the field isn't solid, and any attempts to get to the field will simply result in you falling through the ground into the void. After a while, you would wake up at the first floor again.
Behind the building is a forest, that can be used as a exit.

Entities don't seem to roam around the area, but some can be seen on the field. They can't notice people for some reason, so they shouldn't be worried about. They seem to be the same entities seen in Level 10. It's still advised to stay inside.

Backstory and Discovery:

On the first floor, you can see a photo of a man hanging on the wall. He is most likely Allen, a man who got noclipped to the backrooms with his house and currently resides in Level 53. His house is about average-sized, meaning that there are all of the essential rooms, but some non-essential rooms have been left out. The house doesn't have a room for guests, so the tower could have been used as a resting place for them. One other point that also seems to fit in is the fact, that Level 79 is a perfect 100m square. The tower could have possibly been noclipped with Allen's house and left abandoned, due to being found much later than his house.

The level had accidentally been discovered by an anonymous person, who decided to rest on the grass in one of the parks in Level 11. After a while, he accidentally teleported and found himself on the first floor. He explored the tower for a bit and eventually left through the bench exit which he discovered while walking around the area. After this, many others have ventured into the level too.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level.

Additional Content:

  • Small communities could be possible, considering that there are many mattresses on the second floor.
  • This level is one of the smallest in The Backrooms, with the noclip border being in a 100 meter radius of the tower.
  • This level is also one of the most peaceful, with there being no entities in the close vicinity of the building.
  • The level can be used as a quick resting place while moving from level to level.

Entrances And Exits:


You can enter from Level 9 by finding a grassy field and laying down for about 5 minutes, after which you will be transported to the level. The same method can be used on Level 11 by finding a park. Accidentally tripping on a branch in Level 140 may transport you there too. You can also interact with a watch tower that can randomly appear in Level 37 or Level 62. It's also rumored to be possible to enter from Level 10 by walking for hundreds of miles, considering that the wheat field in Level 79 could be a one-way entry point.


By walking into the forest behind the tower, you will noclip through the ground, but instead of waking up in the first floor of the building, you will wake up in Level 37. It's also possible to find a bench on the edge of the grass patch, which can be obscured by a tree or a bush. Sitting down on a bench for 10 minutes will transport you to Level 11. It has been told that it's possible to get transported to Level 24 by looking at the moon, but it's not recommended to try it since the level is unconfirmed. If you managed to enter through Level 10, you could try to walk to the field, which could transport you back.

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