Level 77
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One instance of a passenger car, likely within a Maroon Section.

Level 77 is the 78th level of the Backrooms. It is considered by many to be one of the shortest levels in length, and wanderers will most likely not spend much time on this level.


The train sign.


Level 77 is a passenger train of anomalous length. Its design resembles a typical London Underground train. The train is located underground within a railroad, therefore you will not see anything if you are to view the exterior of the train. It is thought that Level 77 is located within Level 72.

A pattern that is prominent within Level 77 is the pattern of the train. Within, the details of the train's color changes around every five cars, shifting between 7 different colors. Each of these colors indicate a certain Entity that can appear on each car.

One notable feature of Level 77 are the position signs that occupy each car. These do not change, only displaying the text "UNKNOWN1 POSITION." The reason for this display has been thought to be because Level 77 is in a location where position is unable to be calculated.

Level 77 has been described as "boring" by wanderers, not exactly having much to do within. There are various, but ineffective forms of entertainment, such as newspapers. These newspapers notably only have the headlines on them; all pages past the front two pages are blank for unknown reasons. Most of these stories are particularly graphic, such as unusually detailed stories of brutal murder and kidnappings.

The cockpit to the train is usually near the entrance to Level 77, always behind the initial entrances' view. Within, there is a single Faceling as the train's pilot. This Faceling is completely unresponsive, however life functions still remain. The controls within the cockpit are unusable and do not affect any aspect of Level 77.

There is a prominent hum-buzz noise within Level 77, notably similar to the noise within Level 0.


Within every colored section of Level 77, a different type of Entity is present. Throughout the entire level, Crawlers, Wretches, Facelings, Clumps, and Nguithr'xurs are present. Skin Stealers have also been reported, but this is unconfirmed.

The process of creating Entities within each car is currently unknown, and whether there is an upper limit to Entities within a single car is unknown. Additionally, the anomalous size of Clumps within Beige Sections are currently unexplained.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

The M.E.G. Inhabited Train Car:

  • Maroon Section car claimed by The M.E.G.
  • Almond Water storage and exchange post.
  • Armed guards present within at all times.
  • Crawler population suppressed.

Entrances And Exits:


The only known entrance to Level 77 is from Level 72. Level 72's entrance can be accessed by entering a specific train. This train has the defining feature of being extremely long, spanning multiple miles across the track.


There are three known exits to Level 77.

  • Exit through any of the car doors once they open to go back to Level 72.
  • No-Clip through the floor to reach Level 59.
  • Reach the cockpit of the train and exit back out from the room. You will then find yourself within Level 125, and rarely you may be within The End.

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