Level 76
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Class 4

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Level 76 is the 77th level of the Backrooms.


A lit up portion of Level 76


Level 76 consists of an infinite sewer-like labyrinth that contains a multitude of tunnels.

The texture and appearance of the wall are known to occasionally change as one progresses through the labyrinth. Some explorers have documented some areas akin to the serenity of a hotel pool or the ever-threatening vibe of an abandoned factory, while others have described the areas as horrifically foul and gory. Within these diverse sections, a variety of resources can be found based on the kind of level it resides.

Each section appears to be set as a sort of scene. Some sections can span for miles, or even 20 feet. It is advised that if there is a sulfur-like smell emanating from the tunnel entrance, turn around and leave as soon as possible.

Level 76 has only one form of entity, only referred to as Eyes in the Dark. Their descriptions vary, but their main identifying features are their bright white eyes, a long, blue body, and spider-like legs.

Inhabitants and Residency:


Dendroga is a massive settlement located exactly 41 miles out into the north-eastern section of the labyrinth. It's incredibly diverse and is referred to as the "Sewerland Hub." Food and shelter will be offered to travelers, but it is expected for the individual to contribute for what they take.

Dendroga is heavily guarded to keep the Eyes in the Dark from infiltrating. It is advised that if a sulphuric smell lingers in the air, it means they're nearby.

Note, directions like North, South, East, West are arbitrary. Some areas in Level 76 have carved labels into the walls, but these do not always match up to other carvings and should not be taken at face value. Navigating Level 76 should only be done in a singular direction.

Entrances And Exits:


To enter Level 76, one can either swim downwards until they find a metallic hatch on any level with a deep enough body of water. An example of a level that could hold the entrance to Level 76, is Level 7.


Only a handful of tunnels can lead out of Level 76. These exits disappear and reappear at random and the total amount of exits remains unknown. It is unknown exactly what these exits look like, as they can appear as any other tunnel.

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