Level 76
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u/JeorgeGlooney and his travel partner in Level 76.

Level 76 is an Unconfirmed level of the Backrooms, and is the 77th level of the Backrooms. It is nicknamed “Claustrophobia” by the few that proclaim it’s existence.


Level 76 consists of a single, grey-brick hallway; approximately 40 feet long and 2 feet wide, surrounded by nothing but an endless white-colored void. Staring into the void for too long will cause permanent blindness. The texture and appearance of the wall is known to occasionally change. Some explorers have documented Level 76 as ”covered in graffiti and crap stains”, while others have described the wall as “clean, nice and orderly.”. If one is to fall into the endless void outside of the hallway, they will be transported back to the middle of the hallway via unknown means. However, it is possible to travel in the void if one is to stay above or at the same vertical level as the hallway. No Entities are known to reside in Level 76, although the mental effects imposed on those that visit Level 76 may be just as dangerous. Level 76’s mental effects have been known to be so terrible that they can make a person stop functioning even mere moments after entering the level, although some are immune to the effects.

Colonies And Outposts


Valkria is a small, abandoned settlement located exactly 7,814 kilometers out into the void at about the same altitude as the main hallway of Level 76. It is currently unknown how people managed to get out that far into the void or had the materials necessary to construct the settlement. This settlement was discovered by user u/RaggedyRuffles in 2018 by piloting a remote control drone equipped with a camera.

The settlement is around 100 times larger than the main structure in Level 76.

Entrances And Exits:

To Enter, user u/JeorgeGlooney documented that turning off the lights in the bathrooms of Level 2, and then leaving said bathroom will transport one to Level 76. To Exit, you must break through the walls of Level 76, it will open a passageway to The End.

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