Level 757

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How To Ride The Taxi Safely

Goal: To maximise safety for taxi passengers.

Objective: To ensure all beginner or veteran TAXc passengers can embrace all safety rules! We know that your first ride can be intimidating, so reading this safety manual can ensure a great time!

Follow our 3 module instruction manual to learn how to enjoy your ride.


  • Basis For Availing TAXc Services.
  • Comprehending the system of TAXc.
  • Alighting.

Basis For Availing TAXc Services

TAXc is an easy and convenient way to get around the Backrooms. Perhaps you need a quick way to enter another level, look no further! TAXc is here to assist!

There may be many reasons to want to take the taxi. Some may seem very simple but all are undeniable facts. They may include:

  • You need easy transportation.
  • You just encountered an undesirable entity.
  • Others perceive that you have no real purpose and are struggling to survive here, and thus have no value at all.
  • You hate your life. Perhaps your whole existence.

I found the taxi by the side of the road in Level 166 and was quick to enter. I don’t know what I thought at that moment, hopping into some random taxi. I just hoped I would make it out alive.

Comprehending the system of TAXc

It is critical to understand that TAXc is not a living entity and therefore cannot sympathise with you. It is a machine that will determine your karma without bias, thus you are accountable for your own conscience unless you are willing to offer a sacrifice.

When I entered it didn’t seem too bad. To be honest, the TAXc isn’t really bad at all. It generally depends on your morality and the weight of your conscience. The TAXc calculates your karma level based on self-sacrifice in your time in the Backrooms. I found that out when I cut off my left hand.


When do you alight? What a great question! You'll never know! When it is time to leave the TAXc, the door will swing open and the seat will launch you into the unknown. The TAXc is here one second and gone the next. Hope you enjoyed the ride!

In the safety manual, it seemed pretty simple. And it was simple. So simple I didn’t even notice when it was time to get off! All I remember is placing my four limbs into the TAXc’s boot.

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