Level 756

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Class 0

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  • Devoid of Hostile Entities

On the big island, there is only a single cow.


Level 756 is a collection of eight small islands that float over a fog-laden void. Sparse oak trees dot the landscape of the grassy plains that make up the islands. The central island is no larger than a city block, and it's surrounded by seven smaller islands, connected with wooden swing bridges like spokes on a wheel. It is unknown what lies at the bottom of the foggy void or if there are other islands in the distance, but none have ever been seen. A repeating, distorted piano melody plays ever-presently throughout the level at all times, and it has been reported by travelers to be calming to them.

Wanderers who have entered the level have described the experience as relaxing and melancholic, saying that all thoughts and memories of their outside life fade away as they are overwhelmed by a feeling that they are but a small speck in the sea that is existence. With this, however, they feel a strange serenity.

The level is devoid of entities, but for a single cow that resides on the central island. The cow seems to notice people who enter the level, looking towards them occasionally, but it does not interact with them. The cow has never been seen moving from the position where it normally stands, and it is unknown if it ever eats or drinks. Wanderers have reported that when touching the cow, the emotional effects of the level are increased, and they feel a deep sadness wash over them.

Entrances & Exits:

It is unknown how wanderers enter Level 756, but it seems to happen quite suddenly and mostly with wanderers who have reported falling into an intense depression beforehand. Wanderers in the level often find themselves laying down on one of the islands and simply staring at the sky until they fall asleep, after which they report waking up in their own bed, feeling well-rested.

Those who have visited the level have reported an intense urge to take more agency over their lives and have reported much more contentment regarding their personal experiences. No one has ever reported seeing the level a second time.

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