Level 75
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The only known photo of Level 75.

Level 75 is the 76th level of the Backrooms. It was discovered on 03/03/2019 by a deceased M.E.G. operative.


Level 75 is a large group of narrow interconnected caves entirely made out of gallium1. The exact size of the level is unknown, as only approximately ten kilometers of caves have been confirmed. Gallium is the only material found on the level.

Temperatures of Level 75 vary between 10°C (50°F) and 35°C (95°F), dropping and rising every three to four hours. As the melting point of gallium is approximately 30°C (86°F), the caves of Level 75 melt and solidify again. It is worth noting that not all areas of the level are heated at the same time. When the level is warm enough, gallium can drip on the Wanderer's body, blocking the caves, and, most of the time, suffocating the Wanderer under tons of liquid metal. When the level collapses, gallium drips down the bottom, it regenerates by falling back down from above, forming an infinite loop. The caves of Level 75 are constantly changing due to the extremely strong hot winds, which build and twist the caves in random shapes. Because of that, caves of Level 75 do not have an exact width or height. In most cases, though, the caves are no wider than five meters and no taller than two meters. It is highly recommended leaving the level as quickly as possible because staying in there for long periods of time is always a death sentence.

At all times, Wanderers who are in the level will experience pitch-black darkness, so it is highly advised to bring a flashlight, and use it as sparingly as possible, because of the heating properties of light. Due to the lack of any natural light source, exploration of Level 75 is nearly impossible. Because of the environment of Level 75, it is entirely devoid of any entities.

As Level 75 is the only known source of elemental gallium, people will often try to come here to collect some gallium. M.E.G. organizes yearly expeditions for mass harvesting. This task is extremely dangerous, so M.E.G. constructs special large glass boxes for mining, in case the caves start melting. Gallium from Level 75 is used in electronics, construction of semiconductors, and weapons.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known bases, outposts, or communities on this level. Establishing any group on Level 75 is deemed impossible.

Discovery Log:

Entrances And Exits:


There are currently only five known ways to enter this level.

  • Rare tiny silvery passages of Level 8 lead to Level 75.
  • Deposits of liquid gallium will appear in place of water in hotter areas of the caves in Level 204. Entering them will bring you to Level 75.
  • Very rarely, caves of Level 420 will occasionally begin to convert into gallium as you continue deeper into them. These gallium caves will lead to Level 75.
  • Entering a certain hole in the walls of Level 797 leads to Level 75.
  • Certain parts of cave systems in Dragonskull Summit in Level 817 gradually progress into Level 75.


There are currently only four known ways to exit this level.

  • Finding and touching an orange gallium patch in Level 75 will bring you to Level 16.
  • Extremely rare sub-caves of Level 75 which are no wider than a meter usually lead to Level 302.
  • One specific passageway in Level 75 leads to the dark part of Level 495.
  • A group of random passageways in Level 75 has a chance of leading into Level 211.

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