Level 75
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The only known picture taken that resembles a corner of the Regular Section of Level 75 .

Level 75 is the 76th Level of the Backrooms. It resembles a public library with normal-looking books at first, although this library is no normal library. Bad things could potentially happen if you take out the wrong books or meet some hostile entities on certain parts. Also, do not check out any books, I repeat, do not check out any books or it may be the end for you.


The library has five parts to it. The Children's Section, The Regular Section, Archives, Smiling Section, and The Buzzing Section. You usually start out in The Children's Section and go to different sections the further you go, although there have been cases of people landing directly into Archives.

You may also land in a different section if you take out the wrong book. For example, if you see a book with a lot of dust on it, it has a small chance of taking you to Archives. Books with a lot of smiles on them in any way could also take you to Smiling Section. This could be handy when you are in the Archives or Smiling Section and you find a book with children on it, it means basically you will be able to go back to The Children's Section if you are lucky. Just remember these books do not work sometimes, and once you land in The Buzzing Section, you have 5 minutes to walk before you can rip out the carpet and you land in Level 0 or Level 1.

Also, touching regular books is okay, but do not break any pages off or damage the book in any way, or Entity 54, known as "The Librarians" will rush to you and try to attack you. They are super fast, and get faster the further section you are in. The worst section that this place has that Entity 54 can attack you in is Smiling Section because The Buzzing Section does not have any bookshelves or books at all. Archives can be more dangerous than the rest of the sections in a way that if you pick up the books there (of course Archived Books), you have a high risk of getting Entity 54 to chase you because it is easy to damage books in Archives in Level 75. Here are the sections that resemble Level 75:

The Children's Section

The Children's Section is the first area of Level 75. It is mostly safe unless you damage a book here, but other than that, you are protected. Almond water and medkits are common here. You will see 4 aisles with a gap halfway in the aisle with numbers 1-4. Sometimes, Facelings can walk around, but they are docile, even if you try to hurt them. They will either ignore you, or laugh and talk in some robot sounding way with variations of "Hah! Kids." The Facelings will not even bother to look to see who it is.

There will also be a table in the middle with a bunch of kid's board games. Using them usually is okay, but whatever you do, try not to touch any red objects that land on the table or else you may develop headaches and minor bleeding for a few minutes. This is a reason why red can be bad. Sometimes, you may see a pack of adults on the table chatting and talking together with a little kid. They are all facelings except for one. You can rarely find other explorers exploring here because usually, everyone is in an alternative part of Level 75, or basically in their own fabrication of Level 75. So it is not likely for another person to go in the same fabrication as you. There is also a librarian's desk with an Entity 54 sitting there, waiting for checking out the books. Also, you may see a door made of glass that clearly resembles The Regular Section. Going through the door leads there. This is when things change.

The Regular Section

Welcome to the regular section. This place is basically countlessly big, but not endless as proven quickly. It is easy to lose yourself in here, which is not something that you want. Almond water and medkits can also be found here, but it is rarer to find. There are tall bookshelves around, although some corners resemble shorter bookshelves and the walls look like the end parts of the library, but really, it is supposed to deceive you. Some lights are now hanging above on the ceiling instead of the lights being directly on the ceiling. It is said breaking these lights can take you to Level 2 or Level 1 (this is not confirmed), or may have a problem with speeding Entity 54.

It is easy to go to danger in this part of the level since a lot of things can be broken. There are a lot of facelings roaming around, most of them being neutral. But they can turn aggressive easily if you try to interact with them. This is also another fabrication, so if you were in The Children's Section fabrication with a partner, there is a high chance you will go into a different fabrication for The Regular Section. Think of it as a decision tree, you and your partner being a little ant crawling up different tree branches. Anyways, you end up here. Also, it is recommended to try to read the shelf numbers and coordinates, because they range from A1 to Z100. Its basically A1 to A100. B1 - B100 and so on until you reach Zs. This can help a lot, as this place is very big. It is said there is some gateway at the ends of The Regular Section on Level 75, but this has not been proven yet.

There is also one big checkout desk nearby shelf location B32 which has 100 different places to checkout, each with Entity 54. There is a long line to check out these books that facelings are doing, but do not do this yourself, as I said before, it can be dangerous. To simply get to Archives from here, it is simple, try to find either a trapdoor or cellar door and go in. Once you see a flashlight laying on the ground, you will know you entered Archives. No colonies or outposts have been seen here.


Dust and darkness, you are seeing. Archives is a place that sort of looks like Level 2 and 3, just less claustrophobic and has bookshelves instead of pipes. There is no more almond water or medkits in here, which means you had to stock up on them before coming here. Entity 54 can't be found here which means that you are semi-safe in this area.

The reason why this area scares a lot of people is because of the isolation you have in here, because fabrications are now completely separated. This means no facelings, no other human explorers, no Entity 54, and nothing else can be found here, just rows of archived books. It is recommended you avoid touching the bookshelves, because the wood in them can easily snap in half due to complete age. Once you do any damage to the books or bookshelves, Entity 54 will sense your location and rush there. Even the fabrications can't stop Entity 54 in chase mode, only in passive mode. So it is recommended you quickly walk away from the bookshelves. The area is not very big, so it is easier to find an exit to go to the next room known as Smiling Section.

This section is sort of like Level 4 but more scarier and dangerous. This level may also decrease your overall sanity, so it recommended to find an exit that looks like a metal door with a smile on it. It is the only way to get towards escape besides going back from The Children's Section.

Smiling Section

This is a dangerous section mainly because it has lots of Smilers around and that you must avoid them. Smiling Section looks just like Archives but is darker, with more flashlights scattered around, and that you can find less bookshelves and less books on bookshelves. This part of Level 75 is very dangerous since one can easily die from Smilers. They are scattered around at all angles, so the best to do is to close your eyes for 5 seconds, open them, walk for 3 seconds, then repeat. It is a safe way to leave Smiling Section, so trying this is a good way to survive; it only increases your chances of survival, but it is still recommended.

Causing any damage to bookshelves or books here will most likely result in Entity 54 galloping towards you and other Smiler assistants. So it is recommended to distance yourself from bookshelves. Not much else is known about Smiling Section other than it being dangerous. Not many people have lived to tell the tale, either. The only way to leave now is to find an area with humbuzzing sound and you just may end up in The Buzzing Section.

The Buzzing Section

This is basically the finale of Level 75. The Buzzing Section is a small clone of Level 0 that has only 9 rooms around 1, which contains a total of 10 rooms. The Buzzing Section is smaller than all the other sections, even The Children's Section. To leave, just tear off the carpet and you have successfully escaped Level 75. Level 75 at here is not anymore a library, but instead Level 0 in a nutshell.

Colonies And Outposts

One known "colony" lives here in The Children's Section:


  • Group of 8
  • Have 1 child
  • Hang out in The Children's Section
  • Are docile at all times
  • Rarely play games together rather than talk

Entrances And Exits:


To enter this level, simply enter a public library in Level 11 or open a red book with blue lines on Level 7, although this is rare. It is not recommended to enter this level though.


To exit, either quickly go back the way you came from in The Children's Section or go all the way through all the sections and go past The Buzzing Section.

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