Level 743

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Class unknown

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Level 743 is the 744th Level of the Backrooms and was discovered by me. My name is Atlas, and I'm stuck in this place at the moment.


Well, to put this simply, I'm walking on clouds. For some reason, I'm on a solid cloud. Even though it's solid, the clouds move regularly and create plenty of openings to fall through, while also making more areas for me to explore. There seems to be WiFi here, since I'm able to access the database. Never really was one for things like exploring, but I'm here now! Doesn't seem all that bad, to be honest.

Thought I'd write about the entities while I'm at it! I named them all something Italian, to leave my own mark in this place.

Aria (singular); Arias (plural)

I thought this name was pretty fitting! It means air, song, or melody. They're made of pure light. They have sort of a human shape, but other than that don't have any features other than the whole light thing. They tend to stay higher up in the clouds. Sometimes it looks like they try to sit, or at least lower themselves, and sing. The song isn't something that could be produced by any human I've met, and typically sounds like some kind of instrument. The "instrument" sound they make isn't anything I've heard before, and I can't really think of a decent way to describe the sound. I haven't come near one yet, and none have tried to attack me (as far as I know, heh).

Occhio (singular); Occhi (plural)

The Occhi are large eyes that I found on the floors (not sure if that's the best way to phrase that, as cloud physics are pretty confusing) and sides of clouds, and are pretty strange in appearance. The "eyelids" are made out of clouds, though the eye itself is similar enough to a normal human's. The most interesting part of the appearance of an Occhio is the iris. It comes in a very light, bluish-grey coloration and has various amounts of extremely small pupils, though the pupils typically are in sets of three. I've watched them and I don't think they really do anything. To be honest, I think the most dangerous part of this level would be me the clouds moving. I haven't come close to falling, but that poses more of a threat than these entities.

Entrances And Exits:


I entered through The Whisper. I'd gotten tired after playing with some of my fellow wanderers so I laid down on the ground, facing the sky. I fell asleep. Then, I woke up and the sky was brighter, blinding compared to the deep blue of The Whisper. I'd like to try and get back, though! I didn't get to take any kind of memento since I fell asleep, which sucked.

Just as a note, since I think I'm the first person here, there aren't any other entrances yet. If someone were to possibly find another one and come visit me, that might be really fun, for me at least.


I'm not sure yet, though I've got some ideas! Might wait around here and see if anything changes, though I'd really like to get back to doing what I had been doing. It's important work, you know. I'll post a new log on here for each day I'm here.


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