Level 73
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Class 5

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The following entry is being uploaded here for your safety. Do not go searching for Level 73. Do not come to try and save us. We are working on that ourselves.

The article we have just submitted has been done so from the confines of the Silver Castle. We've taken steps to describe Level 73 as best as we can.

We are safe here.

We are loved here.

Someday, we will meet on the other side. When we do, we'll be bringing him with us.

Signed -
The Children of Coran


View of the Silver Castle from outside.

Level 73 is the 74th level of the Backrooms. It is also commonly known as "The Redlands," due to the crimson-stained ground that is present throughout the entirety of the known level.


There is only one currently accessible part of Level 73, comprised of a medium-sized island that every wanderer will no-clip into. There is an ocean surrounding the island that remains unexplored, and is incredibly dangerous to enter due to the presence of unidentified aquatic entities. As of now, no other landmasses have been discovered.

Level 73 is an incredibly difficult level to survive in due to the catastrophic amount of entities that appear in it. Save for the Silver Castle, located on the highest point on the island, there is no place devoid of hostile entities. The entity density on this level is estimated to be one per 35 square feet (3.3 square meters). Entities encountered on this level include Windows, Smilers, male and female Deathmoths, Clumps, Dullers, Hounds, Skin-Stealers, Death Rats, and Camo Crawlers. These entities are not only all extremely hostile, but will gather in large groups to attack the nearest human on the island, hunting them relentlessly until they die. The only way humans can survive in this level is to hide in the Silver Castle under the protection of CORAN.


The only existing picture of the blackened fields outside the Silver Castle. Others have been taken, but their contents were deemed too upsetting for any human to view and have been erased.

Level 73 is in a near-perpetual state of darkness. There is no day or night cycle. Instead, a full moon constantly lights up the squalid black-red ground below, never changing from its position. The moon is prone to being blocked out by suffocating, thick black clouds, plunging the entire level into darkness. No matter how dark it is, DO NOT use an artificial light source. YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE until you reach the doors of the Silver Castle.

When no-clipping into Level 73, you will almost always find yourself within eyesight of the Silver Castle. It is imperative to run straight to the castle. DO NOT look around. DO NOT stop moving. DO NOT slow down. If you reach the doors without being immediately mauled by a horde of entities, bang on the door as loud as possible, and you will be safe.

The Silver Castle:


One of the hallways within the Silver Castle.


Another hallway within the Silver Castle.

The Silver Castle is the only known building in the Level 73. It is unknown who constructed it. It is an expansive gothic-style building that is fully furnished and lit, and around the castle are high and thin stone walls with a singular open gatehouse in front of the entrance. From the gatehouse, there is a stone path leading to the doorway. Follow the hard sensation on the bottom of your feet to find the entrance. The Silver Castle's outside, as well as the door, seems to be impenetrable and invincible to any outside influence, including Dullers trying to reach through. The Silver Castle was named after the banners hanging from the walls, depicting a silver heart with ram's horns on a black field. It was recently discovered that there is a weak Wi-Fi signal in the Silver Castle, so while nobody has escaped from this level, this article can be written from within Level 73.

The inside of the Silver Castle is well-maintained and lavishly decorated. There is a main hall, a dining hall, and six guest bedrooms with two large beds each, alongside a master bedroom occupied by CORAN. The Silver Castle has three floors and an attic that opens up towards a balcony at the top of the castle. CORAN has declared the attic off-limits. There are two guest bedrooms on each floor, one on each side of the structure. The master bedroom is located on the third floor. There is a large fireplace inside the dining hall that provides heat to the rest of the castle. The meat of some entities, such as Hounds, is used as fuel for this fire. Glasses of potable water and portions of food for each human inside the Silver Castle appear on the silverware at the grand mahogany table at regular intervals, and seem to be infinite. There are two bathrooms, which include large, infinitely-refilling barrels which are filled with warm water used for bathing and washing clothes. There are numerous paintings of locations in The Frontrooms, but none of them lead outside Level 73. There are red velvet curtains in front of every window in the Silver Castle, and the windows behind them are completely boarded with wooden planks. CORAN states that this is to dispel Entity 2 Instances. Do not look outside.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities:

Coran's Children

  • Anyone who survives no-clipping into Level 73 and successfully makes it to the Silver Castle is considered part of Coran's Children. We number exactly 37 as of right now. There is nobody here but us.

Entrances And Exits:


Stay near the Gloom for too long on Level 9.1 and you will end up here. Others have arrived through unknown means from Level 14 and Level 6.


There is no known way to exit Level 73. The moment we find one, we will all escape.



Artist's recreation of CORAN.

Level 73 is home to a unique entity found only within itself. This entity identifies as male and refers to himself as CORAN. His behavior is unique in that he acts extremely aggressively towards other entities but never towards humans. He resides in the Silver Castle alongside all other surviving humans in Level 73, which he refers to as his children.

CORAN is excessively attentive to human needs. He ensures that all of his children are properly fed and well-cared for. More often than not, he spends his time outside the Silver Castle slaughtering the hordes of entities that constantly assault it. CORAN is by far the strongest entity in this level. His appearance is that of a middle-aged man, heavily muscular and 7'9" feet tall. He has black hair, slicked back, with two horn-shaped protrusions coming out from the top of his skull. Where normal human arms would be, he has gigantic golden chain links which connect his shoulder to his hands, which are enormous, black spiked gauntlets. CORAN has three hearts that fully regenerate almost all injuries sustained as long as at least one is left functional. Two of his hearts are located inside his gauntlets, and the third is left somewhat exposed on his chest, behind a black exoskeleton that covers most of his body.

There is one exception to his regenerative abilities: CORAN has a massive scar across his face, which gouged his eyes out from his now empty eye sockets. He is completely blind. He reports that he received this injury from battling and slaying another unique entity on this level, the Great Hound, and wears his two gouged-out eyes on a necklace around his neck at all times "as an act of defiance," according to him.

Do not be afraid of CORAN. He is the only reason we are alive. It is his mission to purge this world of the filth that would harm us, his children. He aims to exterminate all entities present on this level so that we may live freely in a world devoid of all danger. If that is not possible, then it is his goal to find an exit to this hellhole we are trapped in.


The following log has been transcribed for viewing convenience.

Recording date: Unknown
Logger: Rachel A, M.E.G. Operative

[Miscellaneous sounds of shuffling]

Rachel A: Alright, Coran! We're up and running.

[Coran coughs]

Coran: So, what am I supposed to do? Do I just… talk?

M.E.G. Operative Winston: Yeah yeah, just talk and it will transfer what you say to our friends at the base. They're eager to hear where we went.

Coran: Uh…

Rachel A: Ma is probably worried sick about me. Hi Ma!

M.E.G. Operative Lucas W.: Tell them that they have no need to worry.

Coran: Oh, well… Hi. My name is Coran, and I'm recording this right now to tell you that all the people that you lost to the Gloom, the people who disappeared during the past… three? expeditions… they're not dead. They're here, with me.

[Coran coughs again]

Coran: Agh, still haven't recovered yet…

Winston: Take your time, man. Here.

[Coran takes a sip of a glass of water that Winston brings him]

[Coran clears his throat]

Coran: I'm keeping them here, in this castle. This place is completely overrun with monsters that want to kill your people, but they are safe here. They'll be sending a document to you that describes this place. I'm sorry if there's not a lot of information to go off of, but I don't want them looking at anything other than this castle. The things here aren't fit for anyone to see. I hope that you understand.

[Coran pauses]

Coran: Are they going to say anything back?

Lucas W: They'll send a message back to us later instead… hopefully.

[Coran remains silent]

Coran: Please call off any expeditions to the Gloom. Don't try to send more people to come save us, because they won't be able to get out. They'll just be trapped with the rest of us. I've been here a long, long time, searching for an exit even before any of you came. There has to be a way out… but we will find it ourselves.

[Coran pauses once more]

Winston: Is that everything you wanted to say?

Coran: I… no. I've said everything.

[Rachel moves towards the recording device]

Rachel A: Alright, I'll stop the recording now.

[Coran inhales sharply]

Coran: I…


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